Today, I am going over some college recipes meals I always eat at UC Berkeley at my apartments! These are on the healthier side… although I do love butter LOL. But they’re a mix of breakfast-y meals and then more lunch/dinner recipes. Everything I made here today is super easy and I tried to use the same ingredients to make it easier to go grocery shopping. This is a “What I eat in a day” college edition + more meal ideas if you know what I mean. I obviously don’t eat all of this in one day LOL. These recipes are sooo fail proof… you cant screw it up! Very special thanks to my awesome grandma and grandpa from korea that taste tested all my recipes!

Because I’m Korean-American … I really don’t “measure” things exactly when I cook hahah so… yes I’ll just list what I use. You can’t mess these up I promise! Recipes are at the bottom!

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1. overnight oats:
milk/alt milk
sweetener: honey/agave/brown sugar
berries/fruits + toppings: I like nuts, chia seeds, goji berries, etc!

you just soak your oats in the milk and all the other fruits and toppings overnight in a fridge. I usually do a 1:2 ratio (so… for every 1 cup of oatmeal, I do 2 cups of milk). Let it sit overnight. I know others like to eat the oatmeal like this (cold), but I then reheat it via microwave to eat it warm!

2. matcha latte:
milk/alt milk
matcha powder: (my favorite one bc it’s cheap and big):
sweetener: honey/agave/brown sugar
frother/whisk: linked a cheaper hand whisk I use:

3. yogurt bowl
greek yogurt
berries/fruits + toppings: I like nuts, chia seeds, goji berries, etc!

Love packing this the night before so I can just run out and eat this in class!
I like to put it in these containers:

4. breakfast burrito
onions, carrots, kale, japanese sweet potato (I always have all of these)
butter/cooking oil (olive oil)
brown rice tortilla

scramble everything together and plop on your tortilla!

5. kimchi fried quinoa
quinoa (staple) or any rice
onion & carrots
tofu (or any other meats)
sesame oil
red chili paste
egg/sesame seeds/seaweed

Cook with butter and onions first, then add kimchi. fold in the protein (tofu) and cooked quinoa. add carrots or other veggies with sesame oil and red chili paste. put an egg on top! add toppings!

6. chickpea pesto pasta
milk/alt milk
chickpea/lentil/brown rice or regular pasta
kale (or other veggies)

7. Asian tofu teriyaki salad
spring mix
asian dressing – sesame/miso based!
teriyaki sauce (make at home w soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic) or buy
onions & carrots
avocado & nuts

8. teriyaki salmon over quinoa
teriyaki sauce (make at home w soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic) or buy
onion, carrot, kale
garlic (optional)

rub some teriyaki on salmon (if you have time let it sit in fridge with lemon and garlic); cook at 450 degrees for 12-15 mins depending on what you use: over/airfry. or pan fry salmon! then make fried quinoa with veggies with cooked quinoa and veggies into it.

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