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Sweet Dish Recipe With Biscuits | Quickly Prepare Recipe | Homemade Dessert Recipe| So Easy Recipe

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In this video we are going to make Homemade Biscuit Dessert, very easy Recipe, ready in just 2 minute and you need few ingredient, try this Recipe at your home and enjoy.

Gooooooooood morning to the BEST family on YouTube! I hope you are doing well today I am offering you a new dessert NO cream, this famous recipe cookies dessert recipe has reached millions of views on Youtube!
You can try the cookies dessert recipe at home it’s very simple and delicious! how to make cookies dessert without cream is very easy you can do it in 5 min. how to make a dessert is very simple just watch this video Let me know in the comments how you like this recipe. Peace and love!

The ingredients are simple and no need for any fancy equipment to make it a beautiful and tasty dessert. Incredibly good!

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– Ingredients :
– First-class :

• biscuits

The second layer:

• 7 big spoons of flour or starch
• 7 big spoons of sugar
• 1 big spoon of coffee
• 2 big spoons of bitter cocoa
• 1L milk
•1 big spoon of butter

Third layer:

• yogurt chocolate


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#cake_without_cut_with_biscuits #sweet_with_biscuits #sweet_with_biscuits_sick

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