Cake Pops – One of the best treats served on a stick, it’s like a cake lollipop! If you want something that looks delicious, looks on point, and doesn’t need a plate to eat on – this might be the perfect dessert! Hungry Panda has prepared 10 awesome cake pop recipes that look too good not to try!

0:00 Rose Cake Pops
0:48 Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops
1:52 Lego Head Cake Pops
2:36 Geode Cake Pops
3:40 Beach Ball Cake Pops
4:39 Donut Cake Pops
5:48 Apple Cake Pops
6:27 Pineapple Cake Pops
7:35 Honey Cake Pops
8:27 S’More Truffle Cake Pops
9:25 Sugarless Yogurt Popsicles

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