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You have been a man of war

Jump to navigation. The Portuguese man o' war is a highly venomous open ocean predator that superficially resembles a jellyfish but is actually a siphonophore. Each man o' war is actually a colony of several small individual organisms that each have a specialized job and are so closely intertwined that they cannot survive alone. In this manner, the larger colony consists of a float that keeps the colony at the sea surface, a series of long tentacles that are covered with stinging cells, a rudimentary digestive system, and a simple reproductive system.

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At seventy-five years old, John Perry is after a fresh start — so, naturally, he joins the army. Earth's military machine can transform elderly recruits, restoring their lost youth.

But in return, its Colonial Defence Force demands two years of hazardous service in space. This is how Perry finds himself in a new body, crafted from his original DNA. A genetically enhanced and upgraded new body, ready for battle. But upgrades alone won't keep Perry safe. He'll be fighting for his life on the front line as he defends humanity's colonies from hostile aliens.

He'll pay the price for his choices, and he'll discover the universe is even more dangerous than he imagined. Human colonists are settling on other planets, but various other species are also attempting the same John Perry joins the Colonial Defense Force on his 75th birthday, mostly due to their promise to Earth's aged population that they will be made young again.

This is true, but he and his fellow Old Man's War. John Scalzi. Continue the gripping space war series with The Ghost Brigades. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Material from his widely read blog Whatever has also earned him two other Hugo Awards. He lives in Ohio with his wife and daughter.

Man of War (song)

Like cast members on a distasteful reality show, Portuguese man-of-war "jellyfish" are descending upon the Jersey Shore in increasing numbers. Last week, one of these venomous creatures which are related to jellyfish washed up in Harvey Cedars , a town on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. This week, four more of the stinging critters came ashore along the same stretch of beach and other specimens were reported elsewhere on the island.

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The Portuguese man-of-war also called a bluebottle is a jellyfish-like marine animal found in tropical oceans and bays. Man-of-war tentacles have coiled stingers that have a very powerful and painful venom. The tentacles can grow to feet long. The man-of-war sting is meant to paralyze small fish until they can be eaten.

How Not to Get Stung by a Portuguese Man-of-War

The man-of-war pl. Although the term never acquired a specific meaning, it was usually reserved for a ship armed with cannon and propelled primarily by sails , as opposed to a galley which is propelled primarily by oars. The man-of-war was developed in Portugal in the early 15th century from earlier roundships with the addition of a second mast to form the carrack. The 16th century saw the carrack evolve into the galleon and then the ship of the line. The evolution of the term has been given thus:. It probably arose in the following manner: 'Men of war' were heavily armed soldiers. A ship full of them would be called a 'man-of-war ship. The man-of-war design developed by Sir John Hawkins , had three masts, each with three to four sails.

Portuguese Man-of-War Sting

Looking like a jellyfish with an inflated bell, the Portuguese man-of-war Physalia Physalis is often mistaken for just that. Both animals have bulbous bells, long tentacles and stinging nematocysts, and both live in tropical and sub-tropical waters. But the Portuguese man-of-war is not a jellyfish at all, but rather a colony of organisms. The technical term is siphonophore: an animal comprised of multiple organisms working together. The Portuguese man-of-war is comprised of four such organisms, so specialized in their tasks that their survival is dependent upon one another.

At seventy-five years old, John Perry is after a fresh start — so, naturally, he joins the army.

Radiohead performed it several times during the s, with singer Thom Yorke describing it as a homage to James Bond themes. They worked on it during the sessions for their third album, OK Computer , but it went unreleased. Another version was recorded for the film The Avengers , but abandoned. Years later, Radiohead submitted "Man of War" for the James Bond film Spectre , but it was rejected as it had not been written for the film.

What is a Portuguese Man o’ War?

In Rich Man's War historian David Williams focuses on the Civil War experience of people in the Chattahoochee River Valley of Georgia and Alabama to illustrate how the exploitation of enslaved blacks and poor whites by a planter oligarchy generated overwhelming class conflict across the South, eventually leading to Confederate defeat. This conflict was so clearly highlighted by the perception that the Civil War was "a rich man's war and a poor man's fight" that growing numbers of oppressed whites and blacks openly rebelled against Confederate authority, undermining the fight for independence. After the war, however, the upper classes encouraged enmity between freedpeople and poor whites to prevent a class revolution.

John Perry did two things on his 75th birthday. First he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army. The good news is that humanity finally made it into interstellar space. The bad news is that planets fit to live on are scarce-and aliens willing to fight for them are common.


This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! He was a man of war and battle, but he had never been a man to prey on those unable to defend themselves. In September he was liberated and embarked on an American man-of-war. Physalia, known commonly as the Portuguese man-of-war , is remarkable for its great size, its brilliant colours, and its terrible stinging powers. But the assembly, the members of which were nearly the same as those of the congress, refused to interrupt the meeting of the congress, and in the next month the governor sought safety in flight, first to Fort Johnson on the Cape Fear below Wilmington and then to a man-of-war along the coast. But the queen is said to have refused it, saying that the money would be better spent equipping a man-of-war. There the bottom slopes very abruptly, descending precipitously at a point not far from the north-east coast of the main island, where soundings have shown fathoms.

The man-of-war was a British Royal Navy expression for a powerful warship or frigate from the The man-of-war design developed by Sir John Hawkins, had three masts, each with three to four sails. The ship could be up to 60 By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered.

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Portuguese man-of-war spread along English Channel coast







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