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Why we need woman in tech

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Shelley Zalis January 25, 4 minute read. We need to get more women into tech, that much is clear. In general, women bring qualities such as nurturing, empathy, and passion that are needed for the best leaders today. These qualities are also needed in the tech industry to help transform workplace culture. Moreover, getting more women in tech will lead to innovations that reflect the wants and needs of half the population. We have to do two things.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girls Who Code: Why We Need Women in Tech

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Why We Need More Women in Tech?

Why We Need Women in Tech

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If we need more women in tech now, we will certainly need more women in tech in the future. Amazing opportunities ahead for our young people in these fantastic, exciting, game changing and dynamic careers! However, companies are increasingly struggling to recruit. This means that in three years time, we could be looking at exactly the same statistics with women in IT.

This troubles me enormously! Thankfully, positive moves are being made to reverse this trend. The tech partnership for example, run the TechFuture women's network, bringing the expertise of over tech professionals to inspire young girls into educational and career pathways in these sectors. It warmed my heart at a recent digital skills event for college students, I spoke at length with a young lady who was one of only two females in her class.

There was an awesome female lecturer who teaches cyber security. Earlier in , I had the pleasure of being involved in Martha Lane-Foxes' Tech programme, focused on mentoring female entrepreneurs in Tech.

Initiatives like this help enormously in elevating and inspiring female tech professionals. As the owner of a digital skills training agency, we have worked hard to be able to extend our delivery the training we offer to businesses onto to young people.

Better still, the progression rates into employment or education, are fantastic, digital careers being the end achievement. There are two different aspects to digital creative and then the analytical, developer and cyber security style roles. This really just is the start though. A large gap remains in upskilling existing employees across all industries. Competition will rise amongst non digital companies to digitise fast, not only will these companies need to hire digital roles in the future, but the need to upskill their existing staff is urgent.

Digital skills are needed now in both our current and future workforces. These skills need to be nurtured in females and dramatically improve the pipeline of women in tech.

MD and digital trainer, Joanna Wake is a multi award winning entrepreneur, and has vast experience in providing mentoring and delivering workshops to SMEs, Start-ups, medium to large businesses throughout the North East. Joanna has built two successful businesses and is extremely knowledgeable within this field. Joanna has recently completed a Masters level in Marketing Management, where she undertook research within digital use for growth in the industrial sector in the North East.

Joanna regularly delivers keynote speeches at business events and expos around the region, and throughout the UK. Joanna is involved on a national scale with digital skills through the exclusive UK Digital Leaders group. General Enquiries. Media Enquiries. All rights reserved. Please see www.

But where are all the women? Visit the website here. Follow us:.

Why It’s Time to Increase the Role of Women in Tech

What role do women and ICT play in the wider climate discussion and why is it so underreported? We take a look below. If you devote your professional life to sustainability it is very likely that you end up in gender-balanced teams, also in the predominantly male tech sector. For me that is in stark contrast to my university years when I studied electrical engineering, or when holding more technical roles where being the only woman in the room would normally be something I would not even notice.

Women have a lot to offer in the world of technology, and their inclusion greatly enriches the industry. Research shows again and again that diversity produces smarter, better results.

Worse still, a new survey shows that the number of women in the tech sector has barely moved over the past 10 years despite an industry-wide push. When tech has never had it so good, where are the women? Much has been written about male domination of the tech world. Many tech companies are run by men, and female role models are few and far between.

Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech?

W ith men comprising a high percentage of those in the tech space, it can be difficult as a woman trying to compete. Even tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Twitter have extremely low numbers of women in their tech roles. In , women in tech roles at these companies were only With thousands of shares, comments and likes, it was clear that it hit a cord in the tech space by highlighting the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done in the industry. As a follow-up to that piece, this covers the major challenges that women face in tech and avenues and advice from experts to address and potentially overcome those challenges. With less than half of computer science students being women, many women that might have an interest in tech may not have the right education that employers are looking for. Healthcare software companies actually hire doctors and train them in technology in order to design and build their EMR system. Who better to help design a health record system used by doctors than doctors themselves? I was able to parlay that into a highly successful IT career. Of course, being a great team player and having humility went a long way.

Why We Need More Women In Tech In 2020

If we need more women in tech now, we will certainly need more women in tech in the future. Amazing opportunities ahead for our young people in these fantastic, exciting, game changing and dynamic careers! However, companies are increasingly struggling to recruit. This means that in three years time, we could be looking at exactly the same statistics with women in IT.

So can the fourth industrial revolution catalyse increased equality between the sexes, or should we be fearing instead that it will even further marginalise women in the workplace? Those who do go into tech jobs are twice as likely as men to leave them.

By Tamara Backovic. E ven though the workplace landscape has changed in the last couple of years, the status of women in tech is still substandard. Yet the situation is not as gloomy as it may seem, according to the women-in-tech report :.

Why we need more women in tech by 2030 - and how to do it

Article , Uncategorized. I was recently asked an interesting and challenging question by a female colleague. Computing is our future.

We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. Data from the US National Science Foundation shows that between , the number of women graduating with a degree in computer science actually declined. Life and social sciences have higher rates of participation and the physical sciences are improving, but still the numbers are not representative of the wider population. Why does this under-representation of women matter? Research shows that diverse teams perform better.

Why Do We Need Women in Tech?

This is a big year — for a lot of reasons. A fresh decade means advancements in science, tech, entertainment, and politics. And women have a significant role to play in all of that. Take politics, for example. In fact, women have outvoted men in every midterm election since And that stats holds for presidential elections since

Dec 11, - I must admit, it did mine. He is, after all. well, a man. But this recognition perfectly demonstrates the ethos of our ecosystems program: we don't.

Presented by Concordia University, St. Paul Online. There is evidence that the technology shortage is undermining business performance. Recruiting more women into the technology industry is an obvious solution.

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Gender equality remains a major issue in the corporate world, and women remain significantly underrepresented in the corporate pipeline. Diversity and inclusion cannot be part of a one-time campaign; rather, they are causes that require continuous work that needs to be developed, maintained and cultivated.

In November , Pinterest released an impressive new feature: a magnifying-glass icon that calls forth a visual search box that can focus on any element of a picture, summoning similar dresses, rugs, nature scenes, or chests of drawers from the entirety of the Pinterest empire without anyone typing a single word. It took four male engineers nine months to build it. And then those engineers brought a beta version to software engineer Tracy Chou, who opened the search box over a wedding dress. The algorithm returned sundresses, prom dresses—clothing that was aesthetically similar, but not remotely in the same conceptual category.

No one can determine exactly why the number of women in tech is so low, but there are many ways we can work to improve gender diversity and build better teams.




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