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What to get your nursing friends

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Do you need help finding the best gifts for nurses? Be it Nurses Week , graduation, Christmas holidays , birthdays, or whatever the occasion, let our gift hunting guide give you ideas and help you find the perfect gifts for nurses! Disclosure : Included in this article are affiliate links from Amazon where we may earn a small commission. Your purchase helps support our work. For more information, check out our privacy policy.

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35+ Best Gifts for Nurses: Ideas and Tips

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Do you need help finding the best gifts for nurses? Be it Nurses Week , graduation, Christmas holidays , birthdays, or whatever the occasion, let our gift hunting guide give you ideas and help you find the perfect gifts for nurses!

Disclosure : Included in this article are affiliate links from Amazon where we may earn a small commission. Your purchase helps support our work.

For more information, check out our privacy policy. These are our favorite stethoscopes from 3M Littmann because of their quality and outstanding acoustics. Give these amazing stethoscopes to your nurse friends. Different colors available. TIP: Consider making or buying a stethoscope name tag to go along with your gift.

Recognizing the new nurse in your life? A unique way to show that you support them is by giving them a gift basket! First, grab a basket and fill it with simple items that they can use during nursing school and especially during clinicals.

Detox bath salts are great and inexpensive gifts for nurses that they will surely appreciate and find good use for especially after a stressful day at work. These bath salts give a wonderful silky feel to water and works to soften and exfoliate the skin. Additionally, soaking in magnesium in the Epsom salts is believed to be absorbed through the skin which can aid in relaxation and helps to reduce muscle aches and pain.

Lavender is known to aid in relaxation and sleep. Then simply package them in a decorated cellophane packet, a recycled glass jar, or recycled bottle. Nurses can find them useful at work to warm their hands on a cold day. For the fabric, we recommend flannel or by using scraps you have.

Get creative by adding ribbons. This is an ideal gift for the travel nurse working on your unit or even a nurse friend that likes to visit out of town on their off days. Watch this video if you need some instructions on how to make a simple drawstring bag. This next gift for nurses has a theme of self-indulgence. Simply fill a jar with small treats, decorate it with some ribbon, and attach a catchy label that you write or print out yourself.

Maybe even add a pen — because nurses are always losing theirs! TIP: Hide an inspirational nursing quote inside the jar for an added mood lifter! You could also make a jar for a relaxing bath at the end of a hectic day. This could contain a sachet of foam bath or a bath bomb, a scented candle, an herbal tea bag, some luxury chocolates, and a small bottle of luxury body lotion. If kitchen crafts are your bent you can also just fill a prettily decorated jar with homemade cookies or sweets.

Coffee mug that every nurse can proudly use! Hand painted ceramic decal message mug and encased in a gift box.

A perfect gift for nurses during the Nurses Week! TIP: Or you can make a personalized coffee mug as a gift for nurses. Buy some inexpensive plain mugs and decorate them with sharpies. You could also use Decoart glass paint markers, with the recommended heating, if you want to make the decoration dishwasher safe.

Help your giftee melt their stress away and relax with these set of coloring books for nurses. Some are snarky but most are relatable which makes them hilarious and a perfect way to help relieve work stress! Show your appreciation for nurses with these inspirational messages in a box. Give all at once to draw for a lift or to keep a box to hand out and pass around. An inexpensive but thoughtful gift to bring smiles and gratitude to nurses. Throw in one to the mix!

So why socks you asked? Nurses spend most of their shift standing up and compression socks help boost circulation and support the veins by preventing blood from pooling. These compression socks come with different designs and are perfect gifts for nurses!

Nurses know that documentation is important and signing their name for each document can be tiring. Save them the time with these self inking rubber stamps just be sure to get their name and credentials right. Customization options available. Humor your giftee with these hilarious nurse calendars. Packed with amusing anecdotes, quotes , and funny jokes to give them the well-deserved mental-health break every day even for just a while!

Give your nurse the gift of relaxation with these spa gift baskets. Pair them with a gift card to their favorite massage parlor. Something nurses can use! These tumblers are yet another handy gifts for nurses that they can use daily!

Perfect for cold and hot beverages like coffee! Nursing school requires a lot of reading, check out these nurse bookmarks with inspirational message to keep them going! These are also great gifts for the Nurses Week!

During nursing school , nurses write a ton especially when making nursing care plans which are required to be handwritten by some nursing programs. Our favorite pens are the Pilot G2 pictured above which are retractable, refillable, and smooth when writing. These pack of sticky notes come in different shapes and sizes to remedy your writing! Stick a bandaid to mend that sentence and make your documents all better. Designed by nurses, these clipboards are a lifesaver during clinicals and a perfect gift for nurses!

These nursing clipboards gives you quick access to cheat sheets, conversions, lab values and more. It gives nurses student nurses, especially a handy way to access their notes and supplies during clinicals or long shifts! More colors available! Plain A6 or A5 notebooks are reasonably priced and there is almost no limit to the ways in which you can decorate them. For a few ideas have a look at the 26 suggestions for decorating a notebook.

Does your nurse friend write in a journal regularly or do you want to inspire her to start journaling to help her de-stress? Then use the same ideas to decorate a larger A4 book. You know what a nurse will actually need every day for her entire career?

And give them scrubs with excellent quality. Nurses also love these nurse bags as they hold every tools they need. Perfect way to showcase experiences of other nurses. Purchase the book and whoever receives this definitely will appreciate not only the book but their profession as a nurse as well.

Another of my favorite book series now stories from and for nurses! Does this gift even need explaining? An easy-to-use coffee machine is a great companion to a nurse who have long shifts and want a boost of energy throughout the day. Makes the perfect gift for nurses and medical professionals, nursing students, medical students, and residents.

Take the most important clinical knowledge with you on the floor! This is one of my favorite nursing books! Customized keychains and keyrings that are great gifts for nurses!

Includes engraving of inspiring prayers or quotes with cute designs that nurses love. TIP: There are some sellers where they offer free engraving. Write their name or a little message! It gives you advice and experiences that can be useful for new nurses. Another set of review books but this time for each nursing topic that most students find difficult like EKG interpretation, dosage calculation , and nursing pharmacology. TIP : There are actually free bonus books included on each purchase.

Be sure to get them! These books are not only great for preparing them for the NCLEX but can also be used as a review during their school exams. These nurse watches are ideal for nurses! You know what nurses need after a long shift? A long sleep! This gift is particularly helpful for nurses during the night shift. Their sleep may not be long but at least help them get a comfortable and restful sleep with these gifts.

Hope you find our gift hunting guide for nurses helpful! There are still tons of ideas and gifts for nurses that will make your recipient filled with joy! If you have more ideas, leave us a comment below! Since we started in , Nurseslabs has become one of the most trusted nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals. Our ultimate goal is to help address the nursing shortage by inspiring aspiring nurses that a career in nursing is an excellent choice, guiding students to become RNs, and for the working nurse — helping them achieve success in their careers!

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7 Gift Ideas for Nursing Students

Skip to main content Nursing School Gifts. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. I purchased this as a gift for a friend in nursing school. She loves it!!

The season of giving gifts and showing your appreciation is getting near. And if you are starting to look for the perfect gift to give to your favorite nurse and co-workers, we have the perfect guide for you.

Graduations, holidays, and special occasions can leave you wondering what to give the nursing student in your life. Old standbys like a new sweater, a computer, or even cash are always an option, but if you want to help out a student on their journey to becoming a nurse , here are seven gift ideas for the future nurse in your life. Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, so comfortable footwear is a must. The future nurse in your life is going to stand, walk, and sometimes run from patient to project and back again, so new shoes and socks will be much appreciated. However, shoes are a personal, particular purchase.

15 Awesome Gifts for a Nursing Student

If you know a nurse who's graduating this year, you can confirm that what he or she really needs is a caffeine drip or 16 straight hours of sleep though we hear that's not how it actually works. These thoughtful nurse graduation gift ideas , however, are a close second, and they make the joy of finally getting through clinical that much sweeter. Some of these ideas are more practical than others, but all of them can make their day on the job a little easier. Whether they're dealing with aching feet or mixed-up stethoscopes, these nurse-approved finds help them focus on what's really important: their patient's health. But since you want to remind them that their own health is key, we've also included several options that'll relieve tension and stress after a hard shift a. When she keeps warm in this cozy fleece, she'll also show off her nursing pride. It's easy to see why this dainty necklace is a hit on Etsy: You can personalize it with her preferred jewelry material — rose gold, silver, or gold — and first name. Only fellow nurses will understand.

22 Awesome Gift Ideas Nurses Will Adore

This article is your gift guide to awesome gifts for a nursing student. As someone who tends to struggle buying presents, I know how hard it can be. Some of these might not seem as exciting as our fun nursing student gifts below. Rest assured the practicality of these gifts makes them much appreciated. This is true.



20 Graduation Gifts for Nurses That Are Practical Enough to Use on the Job



Nursing School Gifts


Graduations, holidays, and special occasions can leave you wondering what to give the nursing student in your life. Old standbys like a new sweater, a computer.








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