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Going solo in the Gulf – what single women need to know

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But Anshu has steeled herself enough to face such probing questions because she firmly believes that she is very content in the space she is in. Dr Chetan Kumar Patil, 32, a general practitioner based in Dubai, has also vowed to be single for life. He asserts that he cannot live happily if he has to be accountable or answerable to anyone. The reasons people like Anshu and Dr Chetan prefer to remain single all their life could be several.

If you decide to be single, you will not feel you are missing out on anything like love, commitment and fulfillment. All these convinced me this is not how I want my future to look like. A recent US census report states that more than 45 per cent of the American adult population are single. As the number of singles continues to surge, social pressure and stigma shadow their lives, according to a study conducted in the West.

Unwanted spotlights are often shone on them during events like social gatherings and weddings because of their age and marital status. Friends and family members scrutinise them, show worry or sympathy, assuming their single status is miserable and forced upon, says the survey indicating that contrary to popular perception, eastern societies are not the only ones that place undue pressure on singles.

So, is there something bad about being single? It depends on who you ask. Most singles vouch for the fact that in order to live a satisfying life, both financially and mentally, it is not necessary to be in a relationship, let alone marry. The institution of marriage, the concept of two biological parents to raise children and ideas like commitment and contentment are not convincing enough for them to take the leap of matrimonial bliss.

For women like Anshu, being single gives them the freedom to spend ample time with family and friends, pursue careers and be the queen of her own domain. She admits that her family was initially shocked at her decision to remain single, but she says they understand and respect it now.

Coming from an extremely conservative family, the biggest reprove Dr Chetan had to deal with came from his own mother. In his nine years of experience in psychiatry and psychology, Dr Firoz Kazungil, specialist psychiatrist at Universal Hospital, Abu Dhabi, says he has observed that 10 per cent of patients over years-old attending psychiatric treatment are voluntarily single. They tend to have more educational qualifications and are better employed than their married counterparts.

According to him, single people aged are more optimistic and self-determined. They socialise with married friends and their families without any inhibitions. However, a few women he has counselled have reported emotional trauma during adolescence and parental disharmony as reasons for being single. They also seem to exhibit more social phobia. Mariam Abdullah name changed is one of them. At the tender age of 9, she made a life-affirming decision never to get married.

This was a pretty common scenario those days. Husbands exerted their power over their families and women unwittingly suffered the pain, shame and pressure just to keep the family together.

The girls suffered the most as they were being brought with the same regressive mindset that if they stand up for themselves, they would not get a husband.

Perfectly happy with her status, she says she never feels she is lonely. For Anshu, her sisters are her best friends and her go-to people.

Another common stigma singles face is that they are broken, incomplete beings who need a relationship to be whole, and that they are failures for not having someone to be with. Advice, very often unsolicited, is another issue that singles have to face on an almost daily basis.

But I counter the argument with how many of them are taking care of their parents in their old age. But my only question is: does marriage guarantee a life of happiness? Mariam agrees.

I am a strong woman and I ignore or give a deaf ear to people. What the title of being single gives these people is luxury of spending time at their own leisure, without being accountable to any other being. Anshu enjoys going on long drives around UAE and frequents the beach during weekends.

At other times, she reads a book or listens to music. As for Dr Chetan, he enjoys travelling, cooking and hitting the gym.

Mariam is focused on her career and keen to carve her niche in a predominantly patriarchal society. All these people ascertain that life is a reflection of the choices you make, and no path, whether married or single, is void of bumpy roads. He has chalked out a plan to work until he is I want to spend my old age in peace in nice countryside in Australia. Anshu believes she has made the right choice and whatever the future holds, she will learn to live with as the time comes.

Toggle navigation. Zenifer Khaleel Feb 7, These singles believe they do not have to be bound in matrimony to live a complete and fulfilling life. Dr Chetan Kumar Patil, a general practitioner in Dubai, has vowed to be single for life, saying he cannot live happily if he has to be accountable or answerable to anyone. Dr Firoz Kazungil, specialist psychiatrist at Universal Hospital in Abu Dhabi, has observed that 10 per cent of patients over years-old attending psychiatric treatment are voluntarily single.

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Financial challenges of UAE expats living the single life

Having recently spotted a post in a Facebook group querying the safety of visiting Abu Dhabi as a single woman, and reassuring friends and at times, indirectly, their families , I thought it might be time to put a post like this together. I remember telling my mum for the first time that we were thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi and, for the most part, was met with concern. Would I need to cover myself in public?

Please be aware that we require a clear face photo without sun glasses and goggles for men for all members and also full and proper answers to all our questions in correct English. If you do not have a clear photo or answer the questions properly we will not approve you. Thank you for your understanding.

But Anshu has steeled herself enough to face such probing questions because she firmly believes that she is very content in the space she is in. Dr Chetan Kumar Patil, 32, a general practitioner based in Dubai, has also vowed to be single for life. He asserts that he cannot live happily if he has to be accountable or answerable to anyone. The reasons people like Anshu and Dr Chetan prefer to remain single all their life could be several.

Living in the Middle East – Just how safe is it for a woman flying solo?

Biting weather, sweaty central line commutes, barely paid internships and job opportunities thin on the ground — for most of us this is the reality of being a graduate in a British city — which explains why so many of us have looked East for job opportunities — the number of Brit expats in the UAE doubled from , to , between and As the second largest state or emirate in the UAE after Abu Dhabi, Dubai is more than just the barren outpost in the oil-rich Gulf, it once was. Increasingly — and interestingly — more of these young expats are women. But is it really a viable option for most of us? Tales of British expats getting deported — or worse, landing themselves in jail after pissed nights out — are rife, while the gender inequality and habitual sexism sound exhausting. So why are so many of us making the move East? We spoke some twenty-something ladies that recently made the move from Britain to Dubai to find out what life as an expat in is really like. The one thing that everyone but one agreed on is that a move to Dubai will only be a good thing for your career and your bank balance. Caroline, 23, moved over to Dubai from Northampton when she married two years ago. It was so easy to get the visa approved.

Insider’s Guide as a Single Female Expat and Traveller in Abu Dhabi

I consider myself a seasoned and open-minded traveler who is always curious about what life is like in other countries. Credits: Max Pixel. This is probably the most common misconception and question that I get asked from my friends who have not been to Abu Dhabi. In contrast, I have never felt more safe in any other country, including my home country.

Part of the excitement and experience of moving to another country to live and work, is being able to get immersed in a completely different culture and way of life. This is particularly true for women who are moving to the United Arab Emirates, where societal values towards women can be different to the UK.

This is written from the perspective of a single, Black American woman living and working in Abu Dhabi. I drive, work, take care of my errands, shop, party, travel, and more. Many other government and private institutions have ladies only areas.

Welcome to Expat Briefing

A number of expats consider moving to the UAE because of the several lifestyle benefits it has to offer, from better job opportunities to a high standard of living. It has undoubtedly become a popular choice for women moving here from all corners of the world. As a commercial hub, there are plenty of opportunities for expat women in the UAE to think big and aspire to new heights. There are several organisations in the UAE to support and encourage entrepreneurship among local and expat women.

Families are the foundation stone of Arab society, and so it follows that the Gulf region is extremely family-friendly. However, moving to the area without a spouse and children can be a daunting and sometimes isolating experience. Recently, two high profile cases have cast a shadow on this particular lifestyle choice. The alleged murder of Lauren Patterson in Qata r and the alleged rape of Marte Dalelv in Duba i gave female expats pause for thought, demonstrating a — fortunately, rare — dark side to the sunshine lifestyle in the Gulf. Firstly — should those considering a move be worried about their safety?

Your Expat Community in Abu Dhabi

As with any of the world's cities, life in Abu Dhabi is a mix of swings and roundabouts, peaks and troughs, ups and downs. In the end though, the pros to living in and relocating to Abu Dhabi far outweigh the cons. Relocation to any destination has its disadvantages and advantages, and expats will find that Abu Dhabi is no different. The good news is that Abu Dhabi is one of the expat destinations where the good outweighs the bad. Abu Dhabi is home to people from all different nationalities, each contributing to the jumble of languages and dress, not to mention food and talents.

Moving to a different country can be a daunting experience, especially if you're a single woman looking to build a new life. A number of expats consider moving.

Home to a wide range of nationalities, a nightlife to rival London and New York, and absolutely zero income tax , the Gulf nation has plenty to offer. Here are the five best reasons to start living in the UAE:. Let us help you get the most out of your move with these top 21 things to know.

Happily single ever after? Why these UAE expats choose not to marry

Around 10, Irish people live in the UAE; around one-third of them are teachers. Photograph: iStock. Of the nine participants, six women and three men, four were teachers.

Dating in the United Arab Emirates

Although living alone has become popular recently due to modern work styles and financial independence, in the UAE people are still very family oriented and most tend to live together or in the same community. Cities in the UAE have been designed to attract tourists from all over the world with giant shopping malls, plenty of restaurants and beautiful Middle Eastern scenery. There is always something happening and it is unlikely you will feel bored while living there.

According to Gulf News , this region has become a popular tourist destination, but the United Arab Emirates UAE is also home to more than nationalities.

Expats looking to date or find a relationship have a few options in the United Arab Emirates. That said, expats still need to be discrete and respect the local culture during their quest for love. This helpful article provides all the information you need about the dating scene in the United Arab Emirates. It includes the following sections:.

Teach Away has successfully placed hundreds of female teachers in schools across the UAE over the past 10 years. Although our candidates are always excited to teach in the UAE, many do have concerns about safety and cultural differences in this diverse Middle Eastern region. In reality, the UAE is often considered the safest region of the Middle East and is home to thriving expat communities, drawn to its unrivalled career opportunities and laid back lifestyle. The aim of this post is to give female teachers hoping to work in the UAE an insight into what to expect, and to dispel some of the common myths surrounding life in this incredible region of the world. In fact, it has some of the lowest crime rates in the world.


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