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Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what a man is without pride

John Ansell, the new editor of Truth and Crime magazine, takes his appointment, and the title of the magazine, at face value. Until his boss, President of Barclay-Truth Inc. Wilson, household name in correspondence courses, who was found dead in his hotel room with a bullet in his back. Noble Barclay, it turns out, is anything but noble, and a dangerous man to boot.

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The C. S. Lewis Study Program Presents..

Yul Brenner : Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see! Junior Bevill : I see Junior. Yul Brenner : You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see. I see pride! I see power! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!

Yul Brenner : How about I beat your butt right now? Sanka Coffie : How about I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt? Yul Brenner : Say whatever it is that you want 'cause you're just like every other fool on the island. You're going nowhere, Sanka, and you're thrilled to death about it. But you see me? You see me? I'm different, 'cause I know exactly where I'm going and after I, Yul Brenner, win the Olympics and become famous I'm going to leave the island and live right down there.

Sanka Coffie : [laughing]. Yul Brenner : What are you laughing about? What are you laughing about? Sanka Coffie : That's Buckingham Palace. You plan on living there, you're going to have to marry the Queen. Junior Bevill : Yul, that's where the Queen of England lives. Sanka Coffie : Face it, Yul Brenner you can start calling yourself Madonna but you're still going to end up in an outhouse shanty like every other dock working nobody.

Junior Bevill : Mm, says who? Sanka Coffie : Says me, rich boy. What do you know about it? Junior Bevill : Well, I know my father started off in a one room hut.

Now he lives in one of the biggest homes in Kingston. Sanka Coffie : Well, he ain't your father. Junior Bevill : He doesn't have to be. All he has to do is know what he wants and work hard for it.

And if he wants it bad enough, he'll get it. Look, believe me, Sanka the more Yul Brenners we got making it in this world the better off this world will be, especially for Jamaicans. Go ahead, Yul Brenner. Go get your palace. Junior Bevill : Seeming to you nobody likes us? Yul Brenner : We're different. People are always afraid of what's different. Let me kiss your lucky egg!

Yul goes to open it, finding Sanka dressed in a maid's uniform, carrying a feather duster]. Sanka Coffie : Maid Service, sir! Would you like your bed turned down? Perhaps I could dust your head!

Yul Brenner : Whatever is wrong with you is no little thing. Josef Grul : Hey, Jamaica! Watch out for Number Twelve turn.

Scary, ja? Derice Bannock : What's his problem? Irv : He's Josef Grul. He's one of the best drivers in the world. Sanka Coffie : You want to kiss my egg?

Sanka Coffie : Suit yourself. Junior Bevill : Father, when you look at me, what do you see? Whitby Bevil - Sr. Junior Bevill : Tell me what you see, please! I see a lost little boy, who's lucky to have a father who knows what's best for him. Junior Bevill : No, no, no, no, you don't know what's best for me, Father. I am not a lost little boy, Father. I am a man, and I'm an Olympian.

I'm staying right here. You bad-ass mother. Sanka Coffie : Hey, Baldie, get off my foot! Yul Brenner : Don't touch me! Junior Bevill : Now, you look! I will not be talked to that way! So you'd better come up with a damn good apology or else! Josef Grul : ["is that so? Josef Grul : Huh, Jamaica?

Josef Grul : Come on, Jamaica say something! Grul looks up]. Yul Brenner : No problem, mon. Yul Brenner : Remember, this doesn't mean that I like you. Yul Brenner : You're crowding me, slinky head.

Yul Brenner : Hurry up, mon. I have a dead grandmother that moves faster than you. Sign In. Cool Runnings Showing all 21 items. Jump to: Photos 6 Quotes Fundraising on Film. Winter and Christmas movies. Share this page:. Clear your history.

50 Mirror Quotes That Will Change Your Perception

Yul Brenner : Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see! Junior Bevill : I see Junior. Yul Brenner : You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see. I see pride!

The mirror is the muse of many, be it authors, poets, artists, or musicians. Today, we have brought you a collection of mirror quotes from insightful minds to change the way you see its reflective surface. The mirror has an early history, dating back to BC in Anatolia, otherwise known as modern-day Turkey.

Lewis was given phenomenal gifts and tremendous opportunities to use them at Oxford teaching , in Britain on radio and through speeches , and throughout the world his books. What considerations helped him to keep from losing his perspective and getting too puffed up? One consideration that we all need to ponder is that we are all dispensable. The world will go on without us and others will take our place.

Malik Yoba: Yul Brenner

Translate Email Print. I Am The Mirror 2. Look For Yourself 3. Starvkirken 4. Nuntius Daiboli 5. Golden Cage 6. Summon My Name 7. The Invocation 8.

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Then I feel myself abymed at despair, and begin to suspect that he amused himself. to be sociable when I am out at voyages, and not show some pride with inferior. The waiter tell me, and he laugh at same time, but very civil no less, “Oh, sir, it is but I look, as I pass, at all the women ear, for the bor; but not none I see - ‎Popular literature.








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