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How to look attractive girl in school without makeup in hindi

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You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor's love story is an inspiration for all and so is their anniversary wish. Singer Ellie Goulding fasts for 40 hours at a time: How many hours of intermittent fasting is considered safe?

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6 natural ways to look beautiful without make-up

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Pimple Trouble The number one rule to dealing with pimples is to stop touching it. Yes, we're all guilty about this habit but we desperately need to stop picking at pimples or rubbing the forehead. Just let your skin breathe, girls. The Golden Rule Every single time you wash your face, follow it up with a moisturiser and a sunscreen before you leave the house. Along with fading away blemishes , it also helps treat acne and dry skin", suggests Dr.

Kaushik, a Delhi-based Dermatologist. If you are prone to pimples, use a non-oily moisturiser and if you have dry skin, opt for heavier moisturisers containing coconut or shea butter. Groom Yourself "Perfectly shaped brows frame your face, pull your features into focus and give an instantaneous lift, so don't neglect them", advises make-up artist Mrignaina Kumar.

Stick to The Basics Good skin is the best foundation, so if you decide to go makeup free, stay true to your skincare regime. Cleanse regularly, and spritz with rose water twice a day for that fresh look. Use toner, as it helps restore pH balance of your skin.

If you focus on good skin care , you really won't need makeup. For that Million Dollar Smile Exfoliate your lips by gently rubbing a dampened toothbrush and hydrate with a lip balm to get rid of cracked lips.

Since a beautiful smile helps your face look young and luminous, make sure you give your lips and teeth the attention they deserve. Brush at least twice a day, and when you have some extra time on your hands - add baking powder to your toothbrush and brush for whiter teeth. Just like Marilyn Monroe said, "A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear". The Quintessential 8 by 8 Rule Drink 8 glasses of water and sleep 8 hours at night to let the skin repair and restore on its own.

Doing so would also keep a check on dark circles. Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Shampoo Time Shampoo your hair every other day to prevent the hair and skin from becoming greasy. You can also style your hair; straighten, curl, tie it up in a plat or a bun - use your imagination - because if you're having a good hair day , you can handle anything. Note : Feel confident. Feel beautiful. Because a girl who feels good in her own natural skin is more beautiful than any girl who wears all the makeup in the world.

Still not convinced to take a makeup free vacation and feel liberated? Don't believe us? Check out these 4 ideas you'll absolutely adore. Beetroot Blush On, Anyone? Yes, it's true. You can apply this miracle food to your cheeks for that rosy touch. All you need is beetroot , but if your wish to customize the shade - you can add cocoa powder for a darker colour and arrowroot powder for a lighter shade.

Also, you can add ginger powder for a shimmery finish. Here's the recipe for beetroot powder: Boil a few beets, then peel them and cut into thin strips.

Now, dehydrate them using an oven at F with the door open. You can also use a dehydrator. After hours they will be fully dehydrated, so grind using a food processor and voila.

Your DIY blush on is ready! Image Credits: blog. Bronzer, The Best Friend What do you need? Just mix the ingredients in a bowl until smooth and then add to an empty container. This DIY lip stain is so simple. Grind pomegranate seeds into a juice, then add some coconut oil and apply to your lips. Organic Foundation This smooth finish organic foundation is like moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen all in one.

Combine first 5 ingredients in a double boiler, and stir occasionally until melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Now add zinc oxide giving you a 20 SPF coverage plus cinnamon and whisk to combine.

Add cocoa powder a little at a time and whisk till you obtain the colour of your skin tone. Now, pour into a container, allow to cool and voila! You have your DIY foundation. For the latest food news , health tips and recipes , like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and YouTube.

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How To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup – 25 Simple Tips

Updated: March 29, Reader-Approved References. Everybody is beautiful in their own way and it is not necessary to wear makeup to look the best you can. Keeping good hygiene, styling your hair, wearing clothes you like, and improving your confidence can make you look and feel good without makeup. To look amazing in middle school without makeup, take care of your face by using a daily facial cleanser and moisturizer. You can also pluck your eyebrows to accentuate their shape, if your parents allow it.

Pimple Trouble The number one rule to dealing with pimples is to stop touching it. Yes, we're all guilty about this habit but we desperately need to stop picking at pimples or rubbing the forehead.

Beginning with an analysis of the notion of health and well-being, the book goes on to explore the strategies and identify the possible interventions that can be made to promote and facilitate health and well-being in India. The discussion incorporates diverse domains, ranging from physical to spiritual, within which health is conceptualized. It also attends to the issue of health needs of disadvantaged sections in the society, women in particular, and emphasizes on indigenous knowledge in the area of health. Bringing together articles which are not easily available and providing an entirely new perspective, this book will attract a wide readership in the areas of social psychology, applied psychology, sociology, human development, anthropology, health psychology, clinical psychology and community development.

12 Ways On How To Be The Prettiest Girl In School Without Makeup

During the mature period, teenagers always want to make themselves special and attractive on the ground, particularly at their school. If the boys appear to be handsome and easy in front of girls, the girls try to make them more sophisticated with various ways on how to be the prettiest girl at school. It is time for VKool. All of the suggested ways are really necessary for all the female teenagers who want to impress themselves at the school with unique images. Spend little time reading the article to know more ways to make a girl prettier at school. Creating your own image is an important way on how to be the prettiest girl in school which all of the girls know and want to reach. You should have your own a unique style, particularly not wear all clothing from a label as this makes you look absolutely unoriginal.

10 Natural Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Do you spend hours every day in front of the mirror to look beautiful? Well, is it possible to ditch your morning routine some days and still end up looking drop-dead gorgeous? The answer is a straight out yes! We have a few simple tips for you to let your beauty shine through while you go au naturel. You need to be mindful of essential aspects of your diet, your habits, your lifestyle and your skincare routine.

Updated: August 1, Reader-Approved References.


13 Tips to Help You Look Stunning Without Makeup


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