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How do u find your friend code on 3ds

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Nintendo's 3DS lets you connect with other players around the world, but first, you'll need to exchange Friend Codes. Although these were a huge pain on the Wii, Nintendo streamlined the process for its new handheld. To get you started, we created this helpful guide. OK, let's begin with the basics. Friend Code? What's a Friend Code?

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How To Add A Nintendo 3DS Friend Code

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Instead, each 3DS system has a system-wide friend code. To find yours, first go your 3DS main menu. If you don't see it, simply press the home button on your 3DS. Then look for the orange smiley face icon on the touch screen and click it.

That will take you to your friend list. Press right on the control pad once and you should see your Mii. Your friend code will be displayed on the top screen. How To Add Friends If you're not already at your friend list, click the orange smiley face on the 3DS menu as shown above. It will look like this: Click that. You will then be asked if you want to add a local friend or Internet friend.

The "local" option is only if someone is physically near you, like in the same room. But most likely, you have a friend code that you want to enter in, so for that, click "Internet. You will then see a screen with a keypad of numbers. Use the stylus or your finger to enter the code, double check it, and then click OK. It may then ask you for the friend's name. If you don't know the name they used for their Mii, it's no problem.

Just enter anything you want, and it will automatically correct itself to the correct name once your friend has added your friend code. And that's it! Enjoy playing your online 3DS games! Once it's full, you can't add new friends unless you delete some old ones. To delete a friend code, first click the orange smiley face to go to your friend roster. Click "Settings" in the top-left corner of the touch screen and then choose "Delete Friend Card.

Click on the player you want to delete and then choose " A Yes" to confirm. Then choose "Quit" to return to the previous menu.

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Nintendo Switch Uses Friend Codes To Add Friends

Are you frustrated by having write down and remember Nintendo Friend Codes for the games and systems you own? Meet a friend away from the system, and want to remember their friend code? Add it into the "Friend's Code" page to remind yourself later!

Is your 3DS Mii Plaza a lonely, vacant wasteland? Your large-headed avatars have depth, you know, and with depth comes feelings.

So how do you unlock ranking in Mario Kart Tour? Well, it's quite simple. The answer is simple, however you'll need to put a little bit of work in order to get to it. What you have to do is to reach the Koopa Troopa Cup.

Mario Kart Tour: How to unlock Ranking and find your Friend Code

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. It might just be me, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to trade with a friend over the internet. If you don't see it, continue the story.

Instead, each 3DS system has a system-wide friend code. To find yours, first go your 3DS main menu.

A Friend Code is a series of 12 numbers used to allow access to another player's town during online play via Wi-Fi. A friend code consists of three sets of four-digit numbers separated by hyphens; , for example. Visiting towns allows the player to meet new villagers, explore new town layouts, and find exotic fruits.

Modojo launches 3DS Friend Code Finder app

For instance, if a person is playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and logged on to the Nintendo Network, that person can see if any of his or her friends people he or she has exchanged Friend Codes with are logged on as well. In many games, players who have exchanged Friend Codes can communicate with each other, either via text chat or the Voice Chat feature. If two people have not exchanged Friend Codes, there is no way for the two of them to directly communicate via the Nintendo Network.

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A leaked internal Nintendo presentation has shed light on the company's reasoning for choosing its infernal digit friend codes - something decided upon nearly 15 years ago and which we still type in today to add friends for Animal Crossing. The decision to use friend codes rather than real names or nicknames was made back in the mid-noughties, as the company planned the Wii's internet connectivity, and has come to light now via a cache of old Nintendo data being passed around the internet. In a slide from the leaked presentation titled "The Friend Code" picked out of the leak by Kinda Funny's Imran Khan , Nintendo set out its reasoning for picking 12 random digits as the best way to add friends, rather than typing their names. The very idea of it! But using screen names would result in "problems", Nintendo decided, which conflicted with its desire for connecting with friends to be "simple" and "comfortable".

Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes: Everything You Need To Know

I've updated my system and the first thing that jumped out at me is the Friend Code is not dead in the year of our Lord Once you've updated your Switch and linked your Nintendo Account, you can add friends! Your available options are to search for local Switch users, search for users you've recently played with, or search with a Friend Code. Friend Codes are digital numbers, like they were on the Nintendo 3DS. There are no options to add users via a username or email address. Unlike the 3DS Friend Code system, you don't have to trade codes. If you give a friend your Friend Code, they can send a Friend Request over.

Mar 2, - The digit codes used by the original Wii and 3DS for online services are rearing their ugly head The Wii U moved away from Friend Codes, and let players use their Nintendo Network ID to find friends online. The Switch's Friend Code is seemingly tied to an account, instead of individual devices.

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how do i find my friend code?

Once you add a friend, you can play games together locally or online, see each other's online status, and view each other's Friend Card, which is a basic profile that outlines a friend's name, number, and favorite game. You will need a friend code from the person you want to add on your 3DS, and they will need your friend code to add you as well. Take note of your friend code so you can share it with others you want to add as friends by following these steps.

Friend Code

You can add and find friends on the Nintendo Switch in a few different ways. Your account must be signed in to one of Nintendo's only systems in order to add friends. Below are detailed instructions on the different ways to add friends.

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