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How a perfect boyfriend should be

To keep your girlfriend happy and ensure that she wants to stay with you for life, you need to commit to the idea of loving her, as well as being the type of man that she can be proud of in every way. Being a good boyfriend is easy to do, as long as you have the right mindset and attitude. Love her for who she is and be patient as both of you grow together in the relationship. Above all, make sure that you continue to make her feel attracted to you. Here are some common mistakes that guys make when trying to be a good boyfriend, which actually end up ruining their relationship and causing a break up.

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Men With These 10 Personality Traits Make The Best Boyfriends

Okay, so maybe the word 'perfect' is a little much. To be honest, if someone held me up on a pedestal of being someone's perfect anything I'd probably fvck it up because of the pressure to come through. So yeah, maybe perfect isn't the right word but when it comes to bae they're either the best or the worst. If you clicked onto this article you're either somebody's girlfriend looking for validation that you're doing something right or you're somebody's boyfriend looking for reasons to see what bae isn't doing.

PSA: Once again, bae not come clutch with a few qualities on this list. Don't take it too seriously and remember that despite the ideal dynamics ingrained in our heads by ooey gooey rom coms, every relationship runs on a different dynamic that may be different however not at all any less validated as another.

This article is not responsible for the savage beating of the petty girlfriends out to punish their baes for not completing the following list. Everyone wants to be heard, don't get me wrong.

But listening is a key part of communication that establishes that he understands your thoughts and actually considers them when making his own decisions. If he can stay focussed during a two hour rage rant from you or when a serious conversation about feelings comes up, then he passes!

You're more than just a one night stand. You're more than disposable. You're more than a fling. And if he sees you as someone valuable enough to actually cherish and keep, then he passes as well. And by space I mean he allows you to have a life without him always there by your side.

He allows you to pursue a career, your dreams and to hang out with your friends without constantly calling and monitoring your ass. Everyone needs their space, even if it's away from bae. You may think you're a piece of shit, and who knows for all I know you might actually be a piece of shit. Hey, I'm not here to judge but if he can accept all your inevitable flaws and all and still love you unconditionally then he's real and so are his feelings.

Whether you feel fat when looking in a mirror, or you're simply cold outside and need his jacket, if seeing you uncomfortable makes him uncomfortable then it shows a sense of loyalty and compassion that you can rely on as a significant other. Just because he's dating your ass, if you're being stupid then he's not going to hide it from you simply because you'll get offended.

No, a true bae knows when you need to straighten yourself out and rethink your actions. The purpose of a relationship is to balance each other out to try and grow together into better people. If he doesn't make you a better person then has he really done his job? Going back to giving you space, he trusts that you know better than to do anything scandalous behind his back.

He won't screen your call history or constantly ask where you are because there's no need to worry about something you already trust. If you can go a night without calling him to see if he isn't with another woman, then you've shown that you can trust him. He deserves the same trust and space that you do. Showing trust and respect indicates that there's nothing to be paranoid about because you know where his interests lie and it's with you.

No matter how bae he is, he is never going to come between you and your family. Sure maybe your parents might not always like the guys you pursue but if he's made the effort to bond with the most important people in your life then that should let you know that he's all in to love both you and your family.

Whether you're dating a romeo or an Edward Cullen, he's gotta show his affection for you in some way whether it be a surprise date or simply a kiss on the forehead because despite how long the day has been or how bad it has gotten, it reinforces that it doesn't change how you feel about each other.

Okay, this may not be a 'must do' on the list, but a man who cooks is automatically twice as attractive. Feed my stomach while you feed my heart! Respect is one of the many important values that one can have in a relationship.

If he respects your boundaries and your values then he can respect you as an individual and as a human. When the rain starts to pourrr. But in all seriousness, if he's there for you whenever times are tough and you need someone to simply be there, then he's shown that he's reliable and is willing to do what it takes to prove his affection.

Let's face it, although most of the time you think that you're always right Don't take it offensively but it's true. And it's going to get frustrating for him when you continue to be a pain in the ass. But despite how bitchy and bratty you are, if he can handle you at your worst then he deserves you at your best! This should go without saying but honestly, simply saying 'I love you' even once a damn month makes a huge difference in a relationship.

Love is a simple yet complicated word to address and define. And it varies form person to person.

How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Don't even think about getting married before you check this list! It's exciting to find a man who's ready to stop playing dating games and start focusing on what one woman — you — have to offer in relationships, but before you even consider committing to him as "boyfriend and girlfriend", let alone think seriously about getting married and making him your husband, it's critical to know which personality traits to look for as signs that he will actually be a good boyfriend and, potentially, a good husband. You can use this "checklist" of sorts as a guide to understanding what you should look for when it comes to deciding whether or not a man is worthy of you or an investment of your time.

The following are 25 ways to be a better boyfriend to your significant other updated on April 27, :. Love her through actions.

I am your girlfriend. Give me attention outside of hanging with your friends, do things with me other than what you like to do with your friends, and spend quality time with me away from your friends. Not as a special treat, not as a holiday surprise, but as a normal part of our relationship. So, in those situations, just let her vent. I feel like so many guys forget to do this.

50 Ways To Be A Better Boyfriend

Having a significant other can often be one of the greatest chapters in one's life. However, a true relationship takes serious commitment and effort from both partners. Most likely, any great boyfriend will do many of these things without even realizing it. Even so, there is no such thing as being "too perfect of a boyfriend". So perhaps you might pick up a new trick or too. Just remember, if you really want that dream girl your best bet is to be yourself. No trick or strategy will ever be able to top that. But hey guys listen up, there is nothing wrong with learning how to be a better boyfriend. If you are reading this article in the first place that proves that you are caring enough to take the time to be better for her.

10 Things Guys Can Do to Be the Perfect Boyfriend

Being a good boyfriend isn't always easy, even if you have an amazing partner. A good boyfriend knows when to talk, and when to listen; when to offer advice, and when to offer empathy; when to shower them with attention, and when to give her some space. You need to be someone they can trust and admire, and even someone who makes them want to be a better partner. To be a good boyfriend, always be open and honest with your partner, which will help establish trust between you. Additionally, when the two of you are having a conversation, make sure you're giving your partner your undivided attention, and try to strike a balance between contributing and listening.

For an activity predicated on the desire to be in and around the softer parts of other people, dating is, ironically, super hard. While women have the luxury of simply showing up looking like a land mermaid with a mink slipper vagina, a man's role in the online-stranger sex fiasco we insist upon calling "romance" is less clear-cut.

Okay, so maybe the word 'perfect' is a little much. To be honest, if someone held me up on a pedestal of being someone's perfect anything I'd probably fvck it up because of the pressure to come through. So yeah, maybe perfect isn't the right word but when it comes to bae they're either the best or the worst. If you clicked onto this article you're either somebody's girlfriend looking for validation that you're doing something right or you're somebody's boyfriend looking for reasons to see what bae isn't doing.

Want to be a perfect BOYFRIEND? Then stop doing these 6 things

Be honest, look good and fight their corner. Here's how to avoid the common pitfalls and be the best boyfriend you can possibly be. How do I know? But they can get all that crap in the comments underneath their Insta photos.

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Every couple defines what is best for them and their relationship. That being said, here is a list of ways to be the perfect boyfriend that's universal. If you follow these pointers, it's pretty hard to be a bad boyfriend. Sometimes relationships can be a lot of work but hopefully they're never too much. It should be natural to have respect for each other, want to be with your partner, and see them succeed.

75 Ways to Be a Perfect Boyfriend

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Nov 22, - To be honest, if someone held me up on a pedestal of being someone's perfect anything I'd probably fvck it up because of the pressure to come.

So, when you find the perfect partner, being the best boyfriend possible should be an ongoing commitment. Most men think that the best way to be a better boyfriend is to whisk her off to Paris and make other grandiose gestures. While those ideas are certainly something to consider, most women simply want to feel valued.

How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

A few disclaimers: yes, I'm aware that this list is pretty much the grossest to anyone who hate-clicked on it. I'm also aware that it is super heteronormative — we have an article about " little ways you know you have a good girlfriend " as well, for what it's worth. Additionally, most of the items on this list are just things that make you a good partner, period. I think that many of the traits that we say distinguish a good boyfriend or partner, or man, or whichever word you prefer are often considered "normal" traits in a woman.






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