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Going to meet the man analysis

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Going to meet the man is a great piece of writing which is descriptive with appropriate use of vucabalary. The writer of the story; James Baldwin has mostly kept it simple making it easy for reader to understand his thoughts via story. The story is based on ferocious and tragic racism of black community in North America. The story is narrated by a white individual to his wife.

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Going to meet the man is a great piece of writing which is descriptive with appropriate use of vucabalary. The writer of the story; James Baldwin has mostly kept it simple making it easy for reader to understand his thoughts via story. The story is based on ferocious and tragic racism of black community in North America. The story is narrated by a white individual to his wife. The story is a clear model of brutality and injustice done by the white community against the colored community.

The way the narrator narrates the entire story to his wife seems like a piece of normal joke to him. Despite of such inequality and harsh attitude towards them, he still thinks of himself being a better person, ie when he seemed to be amused on the negro being brutally murdered into pieces.

The story also shows of physical assault faced by most of the Negros through white people. They were badly beaten and brutally murdered for no reason. For example when Big C Jim beats few Negros for their singing. It also seemed like they had no value as most of them were treated like an object. Most of the black woman were sexually assaulted. Moreover the author has also shown the affection of the narrator towards his father as a child. The Author has represented his stance on the culture of the white community as well.

Males used to dominate in their family and children and wife were often inspired by their acts and followed them as their role models.

Since the Author himself was an Afro- American his work seems to be justified as he himself experienced racism to a certain extent. The element of racism can be clearly seen in most of his writings. According to him the Negros used to express their hardships and struggles through jazz music which later on became a vital part of their culture. The author has used expression when it is most needed, which makes the story more interesting. The evidence of this can be find when he tries to amuse his wife through narration of his story however, she seems to be least interested.

So therefore I believe this story to be justified and effective piece of work as it is based on some of the bitter realities faced by the black community in North America. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Going to Meet the Man (short story)

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Some of the major themes of James Baldwin's story "Going to Meet the Man" include racism and justice, as well as the intersections between sex, violence and power. Through the internal thoughts of an impotent white deputy in the segregated South, Baldwin explores how racism is taught and propagated, along with the long-term effects of brutal violence on a character's sense of morality and justice. The narrative begins with Jesse in bed, unable to perform sexually and unable to sleep. Baldwin explores his thoughts about his work, his community and his desires. Eventually, he remembers witnessing the brutal execution and dismemberment of a black man as a child, and finds that recalling the scene sexually arouses him.

L’‘Interdit’ or the ‘Other’ text in James Baldwin’s “Going To Meet the Man”

When he was three years old, his mother married David Baldwin, a deeply religious preacher. James Baldwin lived most of his adult life in France. When he died of cancer in , he left behind a legacy that was manifold. He was famous for his essays, but he also produced novels, poems, dramas and short stories. Baldwin was in many ways an activist. For his own sake, the dedication was not only on the question of the civil rights of the African American people, but also the rights of gays and bisexuals were a crucial matter to him. Baldwin was himself a gay man. The experience changed his perspectives forever, and most certainly rubbed off in his writing. The collection of short stories, Going to meet the man , was published in , and covers a lot of the main issues he addressed in his authorship.

What Are the Themes of the Short Story "Going to Meet the Man"?

What is acknowledged here by Baldwin is the absolute, unfathomable power of words in literature. Which is why I postulate the existence of an unconscious of the text or textual unconscious. In other words, writers cannot be told what to write because they themselves always miss the very centre of the text, which is what makes it a literary one. There is always something implied, something implicit, which escapes their knowledge and control.

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James Baldwin 's anthology of stories " Going to Meet the Man " explores the lives of characters living in or otherwise connected to the American South. Some of the characters live in New York City, or in the case of the one celebrity protagonist, have fled the United States to live in France. But for all of these characters, we see that America, according to Baldwin, is entirely unsafe and nearly unlivable for a black person.

Going to Meet the Man - Going to Meet the Man Summary & Analysis

Jesse is lying in bed with his wife, frustrated because he cannot achieve an erection. Jesse's wife tells him to go to sleep because tomorrow is an important day. Jesse cannot sleep, however. Jesse tells his wife about a protest that took place in front of the jail that day.

It was published in in the short story collection of the same name. Jesse is a white deputy sheriff in a small Southern town. As the story opens, he is lying in bed with his wife, Grace. The two attempt to have sex but Jesse is unable to achieve an erection. Frustrated, Jesse imagines the dirtier things that he could force a black woman to do.

Going to Meet the Man Summary


Interpretation. Several elements in the story allude to the American Civil Rights Movement of the s and early s. The character Big Jim C., for example, is almost certainly a personification of the so-called Jim Crow laws that enforced racial segregation in the South.








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