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Girl meets world dirty fanfiction maya and josh

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The core four now five, including Zay were about to graduate high school, Maya was finally dating the man of her dreams, Joshua Matthews, Riley was happily in a relationship with Charlie, Farkle finally made a move and asked Isadora Smackle to be his lady, Zay even starting dating a girl named Sarah. Lucas Friar was the only single one in their group. He dated a few girls throughout high school, even tried to date Riley in 9th grade but they realized that they were better off as friends, so when she starting going out with Charlie he was genuinely happy for them. Lucas felt lonely. And this year she did, Charlie Gardner. Every year since 8th grade, Charlie went above and beyond to invite Riley to any school dance they had.

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Maya and Zay

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She's bitter because she knows. Maya Hart saw what she saw. What she saw? She saw someone, her someone, happier with another girl. This long game she was playing with one Josh Matthews, otherwise known as Uncle Boing, proved to be difficult.

Is she jealous? Is she acting on it? She could. Storming in on his date with another girl was something that Maya would normally do. However, she had grown up. She was through with embarrassing herself.

Maya didn't want to intrude, but she needed a way to let Josh know that she was the only girl for him. Their previous encounters had been forced hook-ups where they made out in confined rooms. Where would she go with this, though? She's not going anywhere. Instead, she waits it out, secretly hoping that Josh would have a bad time with his date.

It was the right thing to do. Riley wanted to comfort Maya, but she knew to let the blonde handle this on her own. The brunette promised to text her uncle within an hour of parting ways for the night. Riley headed for her apartment that she shared with Maya.

Maya continued walking on a straight path. She walked the streets and stopped at Josh's apartment. Knowing where Josh usually hides the spare key, she opened the mailbox, found the key, unlocked the door, and let herself step inside. Everything was exactly where she remembered they would be. Smiling to herself, she walked around the apartment. The flat-screen television stood in the same corner of the living room.

The walls were adorned with posters of his favorite bands and pictures of himself with his brothers and sister as well as hard copy selfies of himself with Riley and Maya. Maya remembers those pictures that she saw herself in. Stifling tears, she walks to the bathroom.

She turned on the light to see the same old bathroom — white walls, white towels, fruity and colorful bars of soap and incense permeating the room with what little of their scent lingered from their last uses. Maya gripped the white towel that hung from the rack by the shower and pressed it against her nose, trying to absorb Josh's scent. Knowing that Josh wouldn't be home from his new date until midnight, and the time on her watch read pm, Maya decided to take a bath.

Stopping the drain, she turned on the water and adjusted the temperature to let the water fill the tub. She searched one of the sink drawers for a cigarette lighter and lit the candles that smelled of vanilla, cinnamon, and black cherries. As the tub filled to the brim, she turned off the tap. She stripped herself of her red hooded jacket and removed her large silver hoop earrings. Then, she kicked off her black baby-doll flats and removed her dark blue jeans.

She grabbed the hem of her designer tank top and peeled it off over her head and tossed the garment toward the clothes that piled in the corner.

She then unhooked her hot pink leopard print bra, let it fall off her body, and made work with the matching panties. Finally, she flipped the light switch off. The candles were her only source of light now. Maya stepped into the tub to lie down and submerge herself in the warm water. She closed her eyes to bask in the sudden enthalpy change that her skin felt as it reddened gradually. If there were anything better than the bath she was taking right now, it would be the tight embrace of one Josh Matthews.

The bath, right now, was a very close second. She had these thoughts of what she should've done when she first saw Josh with the other woman, but she shunned them when she realized those antics wouldn't have worked anyway. The blonde saw a bar of soap on a corner shelf above her.

She sat up to grab it and soaped herself up. Why Josh likes berry-scented soap, she didn't know nor did she care. Maya wanted Josh, so for the next hour, she'll have the next best thing — his smell.

At last, she returned the soap bar to its shelf and rinsed her body with the bath water. She subconsciously rolled her nipples as she rinsed off. Laying her head back, she let the sweet aromas relax her. She lay in the tub for half an hour before the water started cooling down. She sat up and pulled the plug so the water would drain. Standing herself up, she grabbed the white towel, dried herself, and stepped out of the tub while wrapping her hair with the towel.

She grabbed Josh's dark blue bathrobe from the hook on the door and enveloped herself with it. She then blew out the candles and left the bathroom for Josh's bedroom. As she entered the bedroom, she noticed no changes.

Why is everything exactly in the same place? She's not dreaming. This otherworldly sensation washed over Maya when she heard her name. She gasped and froze at his voice. His voice. She closed her eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat. Maya didn't say anything. She was too busy thinking of something to say, but nothing came to her mind. On the verge of tears?

Riley texted me and said you'd be here, so I cut my date short to see you. Is something wrong, or—". She started pacing. She was showing all the vital signs of liking someone like you. She was twirling her hair, smiling at everything you say, looking you in the eyes, and—". She fought tooth and nail for Josh to release her, but he resisted. Maya was being paranoid, but she wouldn't let Josh see because of her fear of showing weakness.

So, she had to fight in this little game of Mercy. Maya pried herself from Josh to no avail. She ended up climbing on Josh. Josh stopped Maya's whiplashing, set her down on her feet, and held her dainty wrists in his strong hands. Maya's blue eyes reflected in Josh's own eyes. She began crying because she had lost. Hell, she was lost. Josh then took Maya into a bear hug, holding her tight. He couldn't help but show concern when Maya was this vulnerable out of worry.

In fact, he thought it was downright sexy, knowing that Maya cares. Maya finally returned the hug. Josh kissed the top of Maya's head. He then freed Maya to give her breathing room. Once she composed herself, she apologized. I thought I was having a bad day already when my art professor criticized my painting. Then I was walking around town with Riley, and I saw you walk into the restaurant with another girl. Riley was the first to notice that I was too upset to hang out with her, so she told me to go to your place because we know where you hide the spare key," she calmly said.

I thought I could feel better if I just took a bath, but I couldn't shake the thought from my mind. I'm not her. I'm never gonna be that girl you were just with an hour ago," she teared up at the end of her speech. She was using me, trying to get back at her ex-boyfriend. She even told me; that's why she was laughing.

You have nothing to worry about. The blonde couldn't control the impulse that came next.

Boing! — My Best Friend (a Joshaya/ Lucaya fanfic)

Lucas was coming over to help me study for our next big text in Mr. There was a knock on the door and I switched off the TV, standing and heading that way. I opened the door and smiled at Lucas.

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Fanfiction Meets Girl Meets World — Hot Wake Up Call

The air was cool, most likely from the open window. And the sun had just risen, shining into the room of the college student. N on the bed. Fast asleep after a night of fun, Y. N was cushioned under the comforter. Her hair a tussled mess and her neck littered with dark hickeys. She had found it so lucky for her that her roommate was gone. The whole apartment was quiet. Then there was a small squeak of the mattress. The rustling of the comforter and sheets.

Fanfiction Meets Girl Meets World — Heated Room

She couldn't sleep. Not with him just in the other room. She hated how he could do this to her. Make her feel so out of sorts without even knowing it. He was sleeping for God's sake and he was still affecting her.

Josh looked at me.

Hello, my fellow readers. Since there hasn't been that many M-rated Joshaya stories on this site and well, there's mostly Rucas, Lucaya and Rilaya M-rated stories on this site. It's two years since my last Joshaya story that I posted back in December of If you haven't read Maya's Desire , feel free to check it out and I know that I should've made them older because they were too young.

Farkle and Maya

Continuation of a mainly Riarkle, slightly Joshaya, slightly Zaya angsty fic about the gangs first high school party. Topanga and Cory are sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Riley and Maya turn around, confused and look at the couch. Josh is laying there covered in blankets with a pillow over his face.

She's bitter because she knows. Maya Hart saw what she saw. What she saw? She saw someone, her someone, happier with another girl. This long game she was playing with one Josh Matthews, otherwise known as Uncle Boing, proved to be difficult.

girl meets world smut

Giselle Mora is a fanfiction author that has written 3 stories for Girl Meets World. I don't agree. Maya should either be with josh or farkle and Riley should be with Lucas. T - English - Chapters: Girl Meets Screen Shots by jazlouis reviews One shot stories taking a look into specific screen shots of the girls and their friends lives after a small, stupid little incident between Lucas and Maya. Each story is in chronological order, though the moments might not follow one another directly. I've got your back by AmandaRosgaard reviews Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle are going on a school trip to the woods, what could possibly go wrong? Riley and lucas pregnant fanfiction story about friendship through even the toughest of times.

Will Josh be able to navigate the challenges in his way and survive his journey into young adulthood? Most importantly, will his relationship with Maya endure.

Their ship name is Faya or Markle. Even if they are considered to be frenemies, Farkle used to have a crush on Maya, although she did not feel the same way and only considered him as a close friend. However, Farkle is later shown to be more friendly towards Maya as he isn't as affectionate as he used to be, and she now accepts his friendship openly same applies to him and Riley.

Josh had discovered there are a few downsides to surpassing the age of majority. While it wasn't so apparent when he'd first hit 18, now that he was rounding on the downside of 20 he's starting to notice a few things. Such as the fact that he was now privy to what had previously been deemed 'adult conversation.






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