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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Anthem Private beta PS4 PRO Part 2 (Friend codes are broken)

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Anthem Demo - VIP INVITES - Early Download - Friend Codes - how to ps4 how to xbox how to pc

Anthem VIP Demo: How to Get Friend Codes & Play With Friends

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Find out what's going on with EA's servers and when the demo will be accessible to everyone, plus how to send Friend Codes, here.

You aren't alone. According to EA, the game's servers are at capacity and they're working on adding more. The demo that launched just hours ago has been largely unavailable to players across the globe due to the servers getting overloaded at release. Additionally, EA's Battlefield V servers are also experiencing issues. While some players have been able to connect to the game, many are unable to play it and are receiving the "We're sorry, but the EA servers reached max capacity.

Please try again later," message. EA's official Twitter help account , tweeted at p. EST that they are adding more servers to help handle the demand. No time frame was given for when the additional servers will go live. It's only a matter of time before everyone who is participating in the VIP Demo will be able to log on. As more information is learned about the Anthem VIP Demo and when new servers will be available surfaces, we'll update this post. Anyone who has had an issue on those platforms should restart the game and attempt to join again.

Our team is still working on fixes for some of the issues we're seeing on Xbox One. ET: An EA spokesperson has shared that impacted games are beginning to see a recovery. ET: EA's support account shared that the company is looking into the infinite loading issue some players are experiencing.

You just need to pre-order the game or have an active EA or Origin Access subscription. If you want your friends to join you in testing the Anthem demo, you'll be given three friend invites you can send to anyone you choose. To use your Friend Passes simply follow these steps:. The friend codes can be sent to any friend, regardless of platform. It's important to note, however, that Anthem does not support cross-platform play.

BioWare details Anthem VIP demo as game goes gold

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Find out what's going on with EA's servers and when the demo will be accessible to everyone, plus how to send Friend Codes, here. You aren't alone. According to EA, the game's servers are at capacity and they're working on adding more.

Post up here if you have codes you want to give away. Send them out via PM. PM me your high school locker combos via morse code. Anyone who has an extra code, feel free to send my way.

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January The thing is that I pre-ordered the legions of dawn version then proceeded to play the demo for quite some time but the EA page is still not reflecting that I even have access to the demo let alone allowing me to have my friend codes so. Same problem here. I pre-ordered, am actively playing on ps4 and have my ps4 account linked. The Friend Pass page states. Please help me get my codes. VIP access should grant certain access and privilege which we are not currently receiving. I've tried about 2 dozen times since playing the demo and it still gives me that message about not having access to the VIP codes. Found another thread which said you should refresh that page after waiting a while.


BioWare has announced two demos for Anthem , and the first--the VIP demo--launches for select players this weekend. The second demo will be open for all, and will launch closer to Anthem's release date. Regardless of whether you plan on playing the VIP or free demo, you can pre-load the client right now. You don't have to go it alone either, as getting access to the VIP demo nets you three free invites you can send to others.

Anthem , the new IP from Bioware has been turning heads since it was announced at E3 , and for good reason. Although, Destiny has made some good changes in recent months, but back to Anthem.

January I pre-ordered the legion edition for xbox one thru the xbox store but I still haven't recieved friend codes even after downloading and starting up? I will wait until tomorrow to see It still says something about pre-ordering which one had it pre-ordered for almost 3 weeks?

Anthem Demo: Dates, VIP Demo, Early Download, Friend Codes, And More

As we are now only a few days away from the Anthem VIP demo , Electronic Arts has updated its Customer Support page to provide more details about it, starting with the launch time. Xbox One and PC users may preload two days in advance, while PlayStation 4 users will have to download the client roughly 30GB in size on the 25th. Interestingly, it was revealed that all those eligible for the Anthem VIP demo that is to say, customers who have pre-ordered or have an active Origin Access or EA Access subscription will be given three friend invite codes to distribute to whomever they please. All those who participate in the VIP demo will receive an in-game reward at the game's launch, as customary with pre-release tests these days.

The VIP demo is actually reserved for those who pre-ordered the game, but thankfully players can gift some VIP demo codes to friends so they can join in on the action. It is worth noting that players who pre-ordered through their console store will get the ability to share codes when the demo goes live. Once players have redeemed their demo code, they can go to Friend Pass and snag the link that will allow up to three friends access to the VIP demo. All console players need to do once the demo goes live is link their EA account to their console account and then they will have full access to the VIP demo. They need to make sure the account they are using is the one they normally play games with. Players can pre-load the demo from their respective platform store regardless of if they have access to the VIP demo or not.

Anthem VIP Demo To Come With 3 Friend Invite Codes

We bring you all the details what is VIP Demo, how to redeem code and what you will need to do be on the list of first players list to test Anthem. Anthem VIP Demo is an exclusive chance to get hands on the game, to test the callous world of monsters in exo-suite. There is limited access to the demo, keep reading. If you had pre-ordered the game from a retailer then you will need a code to access VIP Demo, contact your Retailer. To redeem code login to your EA account and look for Redeem Code box, type the code and pick your platform. You get deals, free access to new demos, on a monthly or yearly paid membership.

(24 hours)allhomerecipes.comc code which you enter here Anthem VIP Demo + 3 FRIEND CODES PC/PS4/XBOX Get the item as described or your money back.


Has anyone gotten any refer a friend codes?







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