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Boy and girl best friends tattoo

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Okay, those BFF necklaces you bought in junior high were cute, but if you and your ride-or-die are looking to step up your game, it might be time to consider a matching best-friend tattoo. Ahead, the prettiest tattoo designs you and your best friend should add to your mood board ASAP because who knows where the heck you put that necklace, anyway. Got a long-distance relationship with your best friend? A first tattoo for C. This kind of smiles I've never had in my old job. Thank you!

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Best Friend Matching Tattoos For Men

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Besties are the best! Check em out! A gorgeous, delicate wrist piece, these dragonflies will always be in style. Wear your friendship loud and clear in this easy to spot location. These girls do! If you and your bestie are always pinky swearing about everything, why not tatt yourselves some interlocking pinky best friend tattoos? Instead of getting both the same tattoo, why not make it one that turns into something even cooler when the two of you are together?

More of a trio than a duo? Another matching set of tattoos, this sun and moon show that these two best friends complement each other in every single way.

Love walking in the night with your best friend? These phases of the moon tattooed above the arch of the foot can show your passion. More crescent moons abound! These ones are a little more bold as they are colored in. These two best friends have decided to put some tiny angel wings behind their ears.

These types of best friend tattoos can easily be hidden too. Ladybugs or lady beetles? Whatever you call them these cute leg tattoos are just bursting with colors. This trio of friends obviously loves Charmed as they have the matching tattoos from the show.

A spiritual choice, these two enlightened friends have decided on a wrist placement for the Om symbol. A great choice, especially with the bracelets. You can choose to have just simple outlines for tattoos instead of going all full on with color.

These elephants are a great example of that. A swirling sun? That can only mean that this friendship burns the brightest of them all! Feet are easy to cover up if you have a professional job, too. These friends are very cheeky! Choose to get your best friends initials inked on you instead!

Who wears the crown? You both do! While many people ink just regular dates on their bodies, this pair has spiced it up a bit by adding a date in roman numerals instead — These sweet best friend tattoos depict two little girls listening to each other through the old tin can telephone.

Why not make your own custom tattoos? If you both have the same name then you can get matching initial tattoos like these two brave babes above. Did you go on an amazing world trip with your best friend? These two did! Inking your favorite spots from the trip is quirky and special. Are you both mad about something that other people find strange? Hello Kitty? Why not ink it? We really like these tiny stars on the lower belly.

Another classic sun and moon combo. These are smaller and more rounded than most that you will come across. Obsessed with animals? You are your bestie could get a tattoo of each of your favorite animals in love like these two above!

Some more cool crowns, these placed on the lower belly. Tiny arrows are really popular at the moment, and these three best friends have decided to take the plunge and get inked together.

Many people choose to get best friend tattoos that when put together turn into a whole picture. This tattoo obviously has a lot of meaning for these too. Do you have personal jokes that only the two of you know? These two ladies have combined two popular tattoo designs into one — the yin yang and the sunflower. A coloured in tiny heart in an obvious place on your body will show all onlookers that the two of you are best friends.

Ever felt like you and your best friend are straight out of an Archie comic? The pinky love hearts look even better with a lick of killer nail polish like these two girls have done here. Share a mutual love of a particular food? You could always get matching tattoos of it like these big avocado fans here.

Another case of where this pair looks awesome apart but even more awesome when put together. The popular bow and arrow style works well here. The dreamcatcher is the perfect tattoo for the girl forever wandering. Why not get a matching dreamcatcher with your bestie?

These mystical bats look just amazing with the purple swirls behind them. Do you love a tattoo that your friend already has? Maybe you could expand on it on your own body for your own best friend tattoos. Does everyone always ask you if you two are sisters? Keep your matching tattoos in the same theme as the rest of the tattoos on your body.

This way they will look better together. Lots of people have the birds in flight sprawling across their upper backs. It makes sense to get it matching if your best friend loves the idea too! Geometric designs are very popular among tattoo aficionados. Try doodling some designs with your BFF to see what you come up with for your best friend tattoos. Another example of sweet kids chatting through the old tin can telephone.

These two little love birds have obviously be done by a master tattooist. Choose your best friend tattooist wisely for the best results. A sweet, simple design, these two smiley faces embrace in a hug when they come together.

Everybody together now — awwwwwwww. Or is it the other way around? Best friends can be either or both! Henna, like these designs above slowly wears off in just a few weeks. If you are a trio of best friends then you might like to incorporate the number three into your design somehow — like these three little birds here. A regular sun and moon may not be your thing. Personalize your design by adding extra stylistic elements like this duo above have done. Diamonds are forever so these designs make sense because best friend tattoos are too!

Your favorite quote might be able to be broken up into two separate parts that are even cooler when they come together to reveal all.

These smileys on the pads of the fingertips are small and will wear off over the years. These girls have gotten the word promise tattooed on their pinkys and sealed it with a heart.

We really love the script in this one. What an original design! The origami look of these elephant tattoos make them almost geometric and they really pop out. If you share a religion that you are passionate about then you might like to add some religious symbolism to your bodies together.

These tribal tattoos are a gorgeous take on a majestic animal. If you share a love of animals then you might like to do a stylized take on one of them. You can get matching tattoos that you can always add to later. Some people like just a few tattoos and some people like to keep on going! This is a take on the often tattooed infinity symbol. With friends in the center the meaning becomes so much more apparent. Maybe your whole friend group wants to get in on the action?

Choose small best friend tattoos with different colors so each of you is unique. A unique twist on the regular anchor, these pretty tattoos have a light blue love heart in the center of them. Put your own spin on a traditional design. Is you best friend more like a sister to you?


Best Friend Tattoos Tumblr. Best Friend Matching Tattoos Creativefan. It means your a huge ass raping faggy pants its all laid out in the tattoo hand book that is given out at our secret meetings. Tear Drop Tattoo Around Mouth The most widely accepted meaning of the teardrop is the wearer has killed someone.

Best friend tattoos. If choosing a tattoo has to be special because you will have it for the rest of your life, choosing a best friend and best friend tattoos for each other is also the same. This is still a small tattoo you can put on your wrist or on your chest.

Best friend tattoos are perfect for a friend who is in sync with each other and absolutely love having each other around. Some friends are just so close to us that we want to pay them a tribute! If you have a best friend like this, you are extremely lucky. These bff tattoo inspirations could be just the next crazy thing you can go for with your best friend!

101 Best Friend Tattoos Ideas With Meaning To Try This Year[2020]

Each tattoo is individual and our own styles, but all are interpretations of star constellations. We take 'Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart' seriously : " — tashab5. When life gets hard and the world starts feeling like it's closing in around us, all we need to do is remember to breathe. The book series was a huge player in how we bonded. I call her my Dumbledore because of how much I look up to her and her wisdom she's two years older than me and she calls me Lupin because I want to work with wolves. Got these when one of us moved three hours away. We live in separate countries but talk every single day.

Best Friend Tattoos: 110 Super Cute Designs for BFFs

Do you remember the moment you first met your bff? You probably had no idea that they would come to mean so much to you And now you probably can't really imagine your life without their love and support. Sharing an experience like getting best friend tattoos can be a great way to show how committed you are to this special connection

There probably is no better way to keep the bond of friendship tight and sure than through friendship tattoos. Friendship tattoos for men create a bond of brotherhood among friends, translating them from the realms of common friends to blood brothers.

Besties are the best! Check em out! A gorgeous, delicate wrist piece, these dragonflies will always be in style.

250+ Matching Best Friend Tattoos For Boy and Girl (2020) Small Friendship Symbols

It is common among people with mutual understanding to have similar tattoos. In fact, many best friends love to have a tattoo design that is meaningful and special for both of them. The most common Best Friend tattoo design is probably the word itself. Choose a beautiful font in the right size and you will love your Best Friends Tattoo design.


People always look for ways on how they can show to the public of their great friendship. One of the most effective ways is to use an inking that will be seen by everyone. We have various best friend tattoos that two or more friends can wear and symbolizes friendship that are simple, cute and cool. It is said friends are the best riches. Therefore, below are some of the best friendship tattoos in different categories that you can wear to celebrate one another as friends. Best friends tattoos do not necessary need to be so huge.

200 Expressive Matching Best Friend Tattoos Ideas

True friendship is the most beautiful relationship in the world as it is all about giving and nothing about taking. One of the best ways to express this feeling without saying anything is getting best friend tattoos done. They are a great way to exhibit your devotion and faith towards one of the most meaningful relationships in your life, as these tattoos stand as a symbol of your everlasting friendship. They are some other tattoos that are gaining more and more popularity these days. Of course, these are very popular among those people in the world who have their wonderful best friends in their lives. Even so, this does not mean that these tattoos are only good for those best friends out there. These can also be engraved on couples like boyfriends and girlfriends and husbands and wives. The secret here is actually having the same designed tattoos engraved on both of your body.

Apr 21, - Best friends forever. 32 Tattoos That Are Perfect For Best Friends "We have been best friends for over 10 years, which is rare with seven girls! 19 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Is a Boy And You're a Girl.








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