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I don't own, work for, know any one who owns, or works for Disney and Disney's Girl Meets World in any way. This story was requested to do this type of paring. This is a one shot story. It was just sixteen year old Riley and her friend Maya while the rest of the family was out.

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Riley an d Auggie home alone. Still feel free to comment one of the listed or one that you think i should write about and excuse my grammar and missspelling im working on A laggy phone. Riley was still grounded from the Maya incident so she was just sitting in the living room reading a book. She was all ,alone Cory was attractive school grading papers and Topanga was a court hearing.

So Riley was just sitting on the couch reading trying to get her mind off of sex. Now that Corey had stoped having sex with her Riley needed relief and masturbation just wasn't enough Riley needed some relief but who could she get to have sex with. And at that moment Auggi walked in "Ava broke up with me" he was crying. All Riley could do was grin. Ohh come here Auggie. Auggie came and sat next to Riley. Riley thought for about a minute and then said" how about we kiss to make you feel better Auggie" I don't know Riley I don't want to get in trouble" trust me I won't tell anyone" said Riley winking at him.

With Auggie still sitting on her lap she repositioned him,"ok Auggie sit on my lap with your legs around my waist" Auggie did as he was told and then Riley told him to relax and she started to lean in she then put her lips on Auggie's and went to work Auggie didn't know what to do so he just puckered his lips he actually liked it he liked how Riley's soft lips felt on his.

Riley then got up and grabbed his hand and guided him towards the shower, Auggie followed his big sister into the shower. Once in the bathroom Riley "said here ill help you take off your pants " she got of her knees and unbottened his jeans and pulled them down she then pulled his underwear down revealing a small 2inch cock but Riley was so desperate she would take anything she could get.

She wrapped her hand around his penis and examined it she was about to suck on it when Auggie said " umm what are you doing Riley " not knowing what she was doing, "nothing Auggie just cleaning you up" "we're not even in the bath yet" oh yeah well then she said as she took off Auggie's shirt then said "well i took off your clothes so now you take off mine" ok said Auggie here take off my jeans first.

Auggie put his hands on her jeans and unbottened each botten on by one he finally undid the last one and slid down her pants it took him awhile because of how tight they were when he pulled them off her stared at her panties they were white, see through and wet he was trying to make out what was behind them. Riley notice him staring and let out a small moan ,"ok Auggie now take off my shirt" Riley sat down on the toilet and told Auggie to sit on her lap in order to reach his older sisters shirt.

So a naked Auggie went over to Riley who was sitting on the toilet in her white see through panties. And sat on her lap. Auggie grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up revealing her chest and bra. Auggie was sitting on Riley's lap naked staring at her boobs behind her bra then out of nowhere the bra fell down and Auggie was staring at her bare breast "ok Auggie i took off my bra now you can take off my panties Auggie followed his orfers and got off of her lap Riley then stood up, " ok Auggie you pull them down now" Auggie then put his fingers on the waistband of her panties and pulled them down still unaware of Riley's plot.

Riley noticed his confusion and said" thats just my vagina its just like your pee pee, here you wana touch it" Auggie then walked up to his big sister and stared at he vagina up close "go ahead Auggie touch it, its ok I touched yours" Auggie then put his arm out and placed his hand on the outside of her vagina" go ahead Auggie rub it" Auggie then started to rub her vagina but then stoped when Riley let out a moan and got scared.

Riley just closed her eyes and tried to hold back her moans as Auggie rubbed her pussy he he continued to rub it then grew curious and poked one of his fingers into her vagina still clueless. He wiggled his finger inside of her vagina feeling all around his new found object. Auggie didn't know why but this made him happy.

Riley then opened her eyes and looked down at Auggie and noticed he had a boner Riley then pointed at it and said "wow Auggie " Auggie looked down at his penis in confusion this was his first boner "why is it so hard" asked Auggie as he used his free hand to touch it. Riley knowing that her brothers first bonner was of her turned her on even more. She then looked back down at his small cock which was was still hard. It was still small but his 2in cock was brought up to 3inches.

Riley wished it was bigger but she would take anything at this point she wanted it so bad. Riley now mad at herself for saying that said. Riley then turned on the water and said "first scrub your head "Auggie then put his hands on his head and started to scrub. Riley now had a great view of Auggie's cock even though it was small as he scrubbed his head his cock was moving side to side and Riley's eyes followed.

Riley then turned around and said"ok Auggie you can scrub my back now" Auggie then started to scrub her back with his hands he washed her upper back then Riley saud "go a little lower" Auggie then moved his hands lower they were now right above her butt "can you go a little lower Auggie" said Riley with a smirk, Auggie was now rubbing her butt.

Riley could feel his small fingers run up against her asshole and lightly touch her vagina. Auggie scrubbed in between her buttcheeks for min before he pulled his hand out and said"all done". Riley turned around "ok Auggie start at the top and work your way down "ok" Auggie started to scrub Riley's breast causing Riley to let out a moan " are you ok " said Auggie " yeah im fine just have a headache " said Riley.

Auggie then continued to rub Riley's breast thinking he was cleaning her he continued to rub and rub, Riley was in pleasure but she still wanted more" ok Auggie start to go down " said Riley "ok" said Auggie. Auggie worked his way down till he reached her vagina and stoped " dont be shy Auggie go ahead and clean it " Auggie then started to scrub it.

Riley started to let out small moans " Auggie got scared and stoped " its ok Auggie just keep going and don't stop " Auggie then continued to scrub. Riley stared to moan louder and louder. Auggie's fingers were rubbing across her vagina and her pussy lips "ok Auggie now clean the inside of it" said Riley. Auggie stared at Riley confused at what she meant by that , Riley saw his confusion so she demonstrated for him "just stick your fingers in and out like this" said Riley and she fingered herself "now you try" Auggie then slowly inserted his finger into her vagina he then added 2 more.

Auggie had 3 fingers inside of his sisters vagina "ok Auggie start to pull them out and then push them back in" Auggie was eventually tricked into fingering his sister he was pumping his fingers in and out of her all Riley could manage to moan out was "faster ummm faster Auggie" so Auggie began to speed up "wow Riley must really like to keep her pee pee clean" though Auggie inside of his head.

Riley was on the verge of cuming so she stopped Auggie and said "ok Auggie lets get dryed off and go play a game in my room to get your mind off of Ava" Riley and Auggie got out of the shower and started to dry off. Auggie was about to put on his clothes when. Riley grabbed his arm and said "lets wait on that, how about we play a game instead"? Ok said Auggie " lets go to my room Auggie " and with that Riley ran to her room naked and Auggie followed.

Once in Riley's bedroom,Riley jumped up on her bed and then Auggie followed and jumped onto it also. He was sucking on her nipple fairy good for someone who had just had their first bonner that same day. He continued to suck on her nipples and still didn't know how he was feeling, so many new emotions were bolting through his body. He continued to suck her nipple and he then got this stange urge to play with her other nipple with his hand, he then placed his hand on her other breast and started to play with it , Riley was completely cut off guard by Auggie's action but she liked it.

Auggie moved his hand on her boob "pinch it Auggie" moaned out Riley Auggie them pinched her nipple making Riley squeel with pleasure. Auggie then laid down face up and Riley knelt down in between his leg "whats the name of this game" said Auggie "just lay back and relax Auggie" said Riley as she grabbed his 3incn cock and started to stroke it. Auggie started to feel a new sensation in his body and he liked it.

The feeling grew the more Riley stroke his cock Riley then felt his cock get bigger it went from 3in to 4in, it was still a small improvement but she just giggled and continued to stoke her little brothers cock. Auggie's new feelings continued to go through his body and he wanted more wanted more so he nervously said "hey Riley can you go a little faster".

Riley looked at him surprised but she obeyed him and sped up "are you ready for this Auggie" said Riley as she jacked off her little brother "ready for what asked Auggie" for this" responded Riley as she opened her mouth and and took in his cock Auggie let out a yelp as he felt Riley's tounge play with his cock. Riley was sucking his cock at a steady pace. She could easily fit the whole thing into her mouth it didn't even reach the back of her throat, she was disappointed by that because she liked it when her dads cock would make her gag , but she still injoyed the sweet, salty taste of his cock.

Riley continued to bobble her head up and down Auggie's cock Auggie was letting out moans as she sucked his cock like a pro. Riley then put Her Mouth all the was down the shaft of his cock till it hit the base she left her mouth there and started to flick her tounge around his cock, Auggie was in pure pleasure Riley's mouth was all warm and wet.

Riley then continued to bobble her head on his cock but she was still really horny so she pulled her mouth off of Auggie's cock and said now "it's my turn" Riley then stood up and squated right over Auggie's face with her chest facing Auggie's cock "go ahead Auggie play with it" said Riley Auggie then touched Riley's pussy with his finger he circled around it nervously but he then poked it inside of her "mmmmm more Auggie" moaned out Riley Auggie then stuck antother finger into Riley's pussy Riley just moaned even more.

Auggie then pulled his fingers out and lowered herself closer to Auggie's face Riley's pussy was less than an inch from Auggie's face drops of Riley's pussy juices dripped on to Auggie's face a little bit landed right on his lips he stuck his tounge out and tasted his lips the had an odd flavor to it but he liked ithe then stuck his tounge out again and pointed it right at Riley's pussy.

Auggie then tapped Riley's thigh to signal her to lower herself all the way. Riley dropped down all the way, Auggie's tounge instantly pushed into Riley's vagina. Auggie liked the strange taste and felt around her pussy with his tounge he once again circled her pussy lips, this time with his tounge he moved his tongue over her pussy folds back and forth "come on Auggie just stick your tongue in like a big boy" Auggie then lapped the outside of her pussy once more and then he slowly stuck his tounge into her pussy.

Auggie started to wiggle his tounge inside of her pussy he started to move his tounge all around the insides of her pussy "MMMM YEAH Auggie YEAH" encouraged by Riley's words Auggie began to move his tounge faster Riley continued to moan and moan"ummmm mmmhhh yeah" she was about to hit her climax but she still wanted to take it one last step forward "ummmm auggggie mmm you can sttttooop mhhhh nooooow" Auggie then took one last lick of her vagina and then pulled it out.

Riley then stood up and and started to say as she rubbed her pussy "are you ready for the best part Auggie" Auggie then smiled and said there's still more" " ohh yeah Auggie things are about to get way better" she then went down to Auggie's waist and lowered her pussy down she grabbed Auggie's cock and started to stroke it she then pointed it straight towards her pussy and said "are you ready for the best part" Auggie giggled and said "yes" and with that Riley began to lower her pussy onto Auggie's cock.

The tip of Auggie's cock slowly entered Riley's tight warm pussy, Auggie was already in pure pleasure she then lowered the rest of her body down until she was sitting on him. Auggie had his whole cock in Riley's vagina. Riley let out a small moan and then raised herself up and then lowered herself down again she continued to go up and down on his cock Auggie was now on a new lvl of pleasure Riley continued to move up and down on his cock. Auggie got really horny once he looked up at Riley and noticed how her boobs were bouncing as she rode his cock.

Riley liked the fact that she was having sex but Auggie's cock jusr wasn't big enough to give Riley the full pleasure she wanted so she stood up and slid Auggie's cock out of her and said "ok Auggie this time your going to do the work" Riley got on her hands and knees into doggie style position and told Auggie to get behind her. Auggie did what he was told and went behyof his big sister he was about to put his penis into Riley's vagina when she stopped him and said "acualy Auggie your going to put it inside of the other hole" Auggie was spectacle about it at first, but every thing that she's told him to do so far was more and more pleasure every time.

Auggie grabbed his cock and rubbed it a little bit before placing it onto Riley butthole. He placed it on the outside of Riley's butthole and slowly pushed in.

Riley's butthole was to tight even for Auggie's small 4inch cock. Auggie was struggling to get it in so Riley backed her butt up to his cock and quickly moaned as she felt the tip of Auggie's cock penetrate her virgin butthole. From there Auggie slowly pushed the rest of his cock in. Once he had is whole cock in her he slowly pulled it back enjoying evey single motion. Auggie then started to thrust at a steady pace "mmmmm yesss mmm ooohhhhh myyyy" moaned Riley as Auggie stretched out her butthole Auggie then started to speed up he was now pushing his cock in and out off her tight asshole at a quick rate.

Riley's butthole cuped Auggie's cock so tightly that within minutes of anal Riley was on the verge of climaxing. Riley was finally satisfied with her urges. Auggie then started to feel a new feeling around his penis he didn't know what it was but it felt good. Auggie then gave one final pump and felt something weird and so did Riley cum quickly shot out of his cock and filled up Riley's small ass "UMMMMM" moaned Riley as she felt his cum fill her ass up.

Auggie then pulled his cock out of her ass, leaving a gap in it, cum slowly dripped out of her gapping butthole.

Riley then git on her knees and sucked off the rest of the cum that was on Auggie's cock. Once she was done she stood up and said we can do this anytime that mom and dad aren't home, as long as you don't tell anyone ok Auggie" Auggie quickly said "ok"he couldn't wait till the next time.

Auggie looked at Riley's ass as she walked out of her room naked to go clean up. Riley just smiled, knowing she could have sex with him anytime she wanted to. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Still feel free to comment one of the listed or one that you think i should write about and excuse my grammar and missspelling im working on A laggy phone Riley was still grounded from the Maya incident so she was just sitting in the living room reading a book.

So Riley was just sitting on the couch reading trying to get her mind off of sex Now that Corey had stoped having sex with her Riley needed relief and masturbation just wasn't enough Riley needed some relief but who could she get to have sex with. So a naked Auggie went over to Riley who was sitting on the toilet in her white see through panties And sat on her lap.

Riley now mad at herself for saying that said "ok now lets take a shower. Auggie scrubbed in between her buttcheeks for min before he pulled his hand out and said"all done" " ok Auggie now scrub my front" ok said Auggie. Auggie was about to put on his clothes when Riley grabbed his arm and said "lets wait on that, how about we play a game instead"?

Part 1 glossary 2.

Hey everyone. I've done a book on Riley and Cory's Father and Daughter. I wanted to post this yesterday but my wifi was down.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Jasper Hale knows that their relationship could get him in a lot of trouble, but he finds Alice just too hard to resist.

Hi ben28 here for another story! Now this is a one-shot about Riley and her brother Auggie. Although this would totally work on the show, none of this is cannon, for those of you who are big fans of the show. So even though it really should be cannon, it's not because I don't own girl meets world. So let's get right into it shall we.

Hey guys it is GMWfluffykitten here with my first story. It is about Farkle and Auggie and things start to get a little frisky. Tonight was a bath night for Auggie and Mr. After Auggie ate and watched T. Auggie wanted to take a bath. Auggie got undressed in his room and wrapped himself in a towel and walked into the bathroom where farkle was getting the bath ready. Farkle walked past Auggie as he went to get in the bath. Auggie dropped his towel and got in the bath. Farkle took off all of his clothes except his underwear. Farkle took off all of his clothes and got in bath.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Will contain multiple parings within the family and others from the show. Dabney] [Amy D.

Auggie is now older to be home all by himself. Riley and her friends come home for the holidays.

The night was colder than it had been when he first walked to the college. But Josh still felt obligated to see his niece and her friend home safely. And though Maya was playing coy and staying a step ahead of him, doing her best to ignore his presence he still saw her sneaking a glimpse at him every couple blocks. Josh felt flattered that someone liked him so much she would risk getting in trouble just to see him.

As soon as Cory walkes into the apartment Topanga askes him to have a word in the kitchen. When you called me telling me that Riley hadn't showed up for school i left work to come check on her, when i got home I heard moans coming from her room so ran to her room and yanked the door open, Topanga paused shaking her head "what did you see when you opened her door" said Cory eager to know what was going on. Cory looked at her and thought about, then said "Ok Topanga I'll teach a sex-ed class , if we can have some Sex-ed of our own tonight" Cory this is serious you need to teach that class". Cory then ran Riley's room "bed time now" said Cory in a rush and then left.

Cory im sorry but i have to run down to my office to do some paper work. Just masturbate or something untill i get home". Topanga left the room and Cory was still hard so he grabbed his computer he was going to watch porn so he typed in a P and a suggestion to Parent viewer popped up Cory curiously opened it up and then remembered that he had installed some cameras into Riley's room when she was little, in order to keep an eye on her while he and Topanga were at work. He was looked at some of the recordings when he stopped and saw the scene where Riley and Maya were having sex earlier that day he pressed play and watched as Riley played with herself he couldn't help but guide his had onto his cock and start to stroke it, he kept watching and then Maya popped in and started to strip he then fast forwarded to the part where Riley was sitting on Maya's face, he had a perfect view of Riley's whole body he started to stoke faster and faster he was about to cum when he looked back and saw Riley smiling at him she was only wearing socks, panties an a shirt that you could see her nipples pop out through then she said in a slutty way "need some help with that daddy". Riley just ignored him and continued to walk towards him. Riley then stood up and sat on his lap with her legs spread his cock was pinned down under her panties he could feel her vagina with his cock through her panties " come on daddy I don't know how to have sex I need you to teach it to me, you have to your my teacher".

Hello, my fellow readers. I am on a roll with this story. I've been working non-stop on this story all night. Before I begin, I would just like to tell you that I am going to be aging Auggie and Ava up to their teen years. Auggie will be 16 and Ava will be 17 and they're both in their junior year of high school. So, you can all thank me. It was a warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon and Auggie has just got home from school. He was sitting in the apartment waiting for Ava to come over for their study session.

May 25, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - [Riley M., Lucas F.] [Joshua "The little boy's name is Auggie and he is 6 and this is Riley she is.

Riley an d Auggie home alone. Still feel free to comment one of the listed or one that you think i should write about and excuse my grammar and missspelling im working on A laggy phone. Riley was still grounded from the Maya incident so she was just sitting in the living room reading a book. She was all ,alone Cory was attractive school grading papers and Topanga was a court hearing.

Please do not read past this point unless you are above the age of If this is received well, I'll consider continuing the story and incorporating reader suggestions for further chapter ideas. Thank you, and enjoy!

Topanga was about to wake Riley up and start screaming at her but right before she did so she looked at Riley's nude body and began to feel tingly and her panties all of the sudden became moist Riley's nude body was bringing back memories of when Topanga used to have lesbian orgys in college. Topanga then stood up and began to think to herself, she knew that feeling that way about her daughter was wrong and she knew that she couldn't do anything with Riley anyways until she got a naught thought what If she got some pleasure out of punishing Riley. It was perfect Topanga could get off and punish Riley at the same time.

I need to practice.

I wake up at 8 for some reason I look around and no one else is up so I go to go back to sleep I am just about to fall asleep and then I hear Auggie scream I jump up Waking Lucas. We walk to Auggie 's room and hear Auggie crying. She runs into Auggie 's room as I say; "The address is-" I am cut off by the sound of two gun shots. Auggie is holding his arm but I can see the blood on it, and Riley is covered in blood, it's all over her shirt.

Summary: Cory Matthews comes from from work one day to surprising news. N: I know it would take more than two year to become a teacher but for the sake of this story Cory is already teaching and Topanga is still working to become a lawyer. This is my first year teaching and I think I'm doing a pretty good job. Right now I'm teaching Kindergarten and being in a room with 30 5 year olds 5 days a week has made me starting to think about what it would be like if one of those 5 year olds was mine. Ever since Topanga's pregnancy scare back in Pennsylvania I've been wanting to be a father. Every time I ask Topanga about it she says that she thinks we are just not stable enough to be parents right now. In a way I can see were she is coming from since she is still working in Law School and I'm a kindergarten teacher but I can tell deep down she wants to be a mom just as much as I would like to be a dad.

This story is rated M and it contains bi sex, incest and a fetish. If any of these turns you off you are free to leave. If you stay I don't want a review saying "How dare I make so and so do that. It was the middle of the night and Auggie had a bad dream.

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