Mamidi Pandu Payasam | Payasam with Rice and Mango


The nutritional benefits of mangoes are many. Mango has a special purpose in many dishes. Mango helps in the cholesterol control and also in digestion improvement. Mango flowers and mango seed also has many benefits. Mango helps in the prevention of some types of cancers and also helps in promoting good eyesight. Mango acts as a skin cleanser and helps in maintaining a healthy skin.

Ingredients to make Rice Mango Payasam :

1 cup ripe mango puree

Few mango pieces for garnish

½ lt milk

1/3 rd cup rice

4-5 tbsps sugar

pinch of salt

1 tbsp ghee

7-8 cashewnuts

10-12 kismis

1½ tsp cardamom powder

Rice Mango Payasam Preparation Method:

So, let us make some low fat mango dessert. To do this we need to take a cup of rice or required amounts of rice and soak it in water more than fifteen minutes.

In the meanwhile take a pan and pour some milk into it and heat the milk till it gets boiled.

Now drain the whole water from the soaked rice and add this rice to the boiled milk. Let the flame be in low and stir till the rice becomes soft.

Now add sugar to it and keep on stirring till the total mixture becomes thick. Turn off the stove and let the mixture cool.

Take a pan and add one spoon of ghee and add kismis and cashew nut fry them till they turn to brown color.

Add these fried pieces to the rice mixture.

Take ripe mangoes and make mango puree and add little salt and cardamom powder to it. Add this to the rice mixture and sprinkle some cashew nuts on the top.

The original recipe needs whole milk, a half cup of condensed milk and half cup of sugar, essence of mango, little amounts of saffron and almonds.

This is a great melt-in-the-mouth summer treat with mango flavor, along with the creamy texture produced by sweet cardamom flavoured rice, makes this fruity dessert pure comfort food.

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