How to Make Bobattu | Traditional Andhra Style Sweet Bobattu


Bobattu is one of the favorite dishes of Andhra Pradesh. It is sweet and healthy. It improves the production of red blood cells.

Ingredients to make Bobattu:

1 cup chana dal (split bengal gram lentil) soaked in water for 2 hours and drained

1 cup jaggery or sugar(you can adjust the sugar or jaggery according to your choice)

1 1/4 cups maida (refined flour)

enough water to prepare dough

3-4 tbsps oil

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

1 tbsp clarified butter/ghee

pinch of saltSweet Bobattu - Puran Poli

Bobattu Prepration Method:

1) Take a rice cooker and add two cups of water to it and add one cup of chana dal.
Cook the dal for a few minutes so that it becomes smooth and mushy. Turn off the stove and let it cool.

2) Then grind the dal to make it into a good paste. This dal is very important and holds an important role in bobattu.

3) Take a pan and add this dal to the pan and heat it. Add some sugar or jaggery depending on your interest. Heat it till it mixes with dal.

4) Then make the whole mixture into paste and mix it well so that it becomes soft dough. Once done, turn off the flame and let it cool for some time.

5) Add some cardamom powder to it and little salt and mix it thoroughly before you turn off the flame.

6) Take the dough and make it into small balls and keep them aside.

7) Now take some maida flour and add some oil to it and then add water and mix well to make soft and sticky smooth dough. Knead it well to mix all the ingredients.

8) Take pieces of dough and make it into small balls. Apply some oil to the hands and roll the balls and flatten them into circles.

9) Now take the dal ball and place it in the centre of the flattened dough. Now wrap the dough around the dal by pulling the edges together.

10) Take a plastic cover or sheet and place the ball in it and press the ball with your fingers to make the balls flat. Don’t press too hard as the dal might come out of the flour.

11) You can apply some oil to your hands while flattening the balls. Take a pan and on the low flame place the bobattu and roast it on both sides.

12) Once the balls are roasted you can see brown spots on it. Apply some ghee on both sides and you can serve it hot.
13) You can even store these by placing them in an air tight container.

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