Andhra Minapa Sunnundalu Recipe with Sugar or Jaggery


This is the most popular Indian sweet. people use to prepare it in festivals. It is a very healthy and nutritious sweet. It contains good fiber, proteins, minerals and iron source. Irrespective of occasions and festivals it is prepared at any day. Eating sunnunda daily is good for people who are looking to gain weight. Ghee is rich in vitamins A & E. Helps in better digestion. Excess eating of sunnundalu increases cholesterol.
These sunnundas are prepared with jaggery. It contains iron and it is good for forming blood. These laddus are stored for long time. Black gram is a health substitute. It maintains sugar levels in blood. It is good for reducing joint pains, knee pains and muscular pains etc. It is good remedy for controlling improper menses and menstrual pain and it helps the milk flow in lacting women

Ingredients to make Minapappu Sunnundalu:

1 cup black gram lentil (without husk)

1 tbsp raw rice

1 cup granulated sugar or jaggery

1/2 cup ghee

Andhra Minapa Sunnundalu

Minapa Sunnundalu Preparation Method:

1) Take a pan fry minapappu until it changes to brown colour and then switch off the flame keep it aside to cool it.

2) Now take a mixer and grind the cooled minappapu into fine soft powder. If you use jaggery grate it until it becomes soft.

3) Take a pan heat the ghee till it melts. Now mix the minappapu and sugar or jaggery evenly using hand.

4) Mix them with the help of ghee which you have heated. Here you need to take fresh ghee to prepare Sunnundalu. When we use fresh ghee it gives fresh smell and gives good taste.
And we can store these sunnundalu for long time.

5) After mix well then take a quantity of mixed powder into your hand make them into round shape in big size or small size accordingly to wish. Store them in a glass air tight container. It stores at least 2 weeks.

Note: Don’t heat the ghee for long time it changes the colour of sunnundalu into dark colour when you add to prepare sunnunda

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