Stuffed Bread Omelette Recipe, Kids Recipes, Simple Non-veg Recipes

Ingredients to make Bread Omelette:

6 slices wheat bread

2 eggs

½ spoon pepper powder

3 cheese slices

3 garlic slices – sliced

1 green chili – chopped

1/3 cup onion chops

1/3 capsicum chop

Oil as required to fry

Salt as required to taste

Stuffed Bread Omelette
Bread Omelette Preparation Method:

1) Heat 2 tbsp oil in a frying pan, fry the garlic slices, green chilies chop till the chili turns brown.

2) Then add and fry one by one the onion pieces and capsicum pieces till cooked well.

3) Put the fried mix in a small bowl, add salt, mix well and keep aside. You can also add salt while frying.

4) Take the egg content to a small bowl, add the pepper powder, salt and stir well. The more you stir well it will fluff more. Keep it aside.

5) Heat a frying pan, apply some oil to the pan when heated. Then fry on both sides of the bread till turns brown in color.

6) Spread them on a wide plate to cool down.

7) Now stuff two or three tbsp of capsicum mix on each of the bread slices and place some cheese over it and then place bread over the cheese as like a sandwich.

8) Stuff all the bread slices like the same.

9) Now heat the frying pan on simmer flame, spread the egg batter on the pan as much as wide and dense you can.

10) After 15 seconds, place the stuffed bread (sandwich) on the center of the omelette, cover the whole bread with the rest of the omelette and fry the other side for 5 seconds and take it away from the pan.

11)  Do the same procedure to the other sandwiches.

12) Cut the omelette covered sandwich to half in a triangular or rectangular in shape and serve it with sauce.

This Bread Omelette Recipe can be taken as Breakfast item or as a snack item in the evening.
Children’s will love to eat this recipe for their lunch.
This Bread Omelette recipe is very simple and easy to prepare and it is very rich in vitamins.

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