Some Useful Tips About Flours

Some Useful Tips About Flours:

The flour of the wheat should be used within 15 days and Makki, Chana, Jowar (Jonna Pindi in Telugu and Selungu Porul in Tamil) etc in 7 days. Wheat flour available in the market is not safe to eat. Flour
Using of Morar and Pestle should be used to grind any fries, or masala (spices) for cooking to gain the 100% nutrients level for best energy.
Mortar and Pestle are best using by the pregnant woman’s. Also good exercise for Diabetes, knee pain, shoulder pains. Mixie destroys most of the nutrients due to the heat produced by the fast running of the blades and friction.
Wheat flour ensures good elasticity and hence no tumours and caesareans will happen. Rotis can be eaten till 7th month of pregnancy.
According to a Survey, 90 ladies were found not even a single one had a caesarean delivery, no pains in body, diabetes, BP etc are not there on eating Roti regularly.
About Exercise: Physical labour should not reduce till age of 60 yrs.
Below 18 children should labour via play. 18 to 60 productive labour along with practice of yoga asana and meditation. 60 plus labour should go on decreasing.
India has a hot climate or can say as Vatha pradhaan land, hence we need slow movements like Yoga, Meditation in order to keep Vatha under control and also increase the immunity to live long. Gym exercises, running and jogging are best suited for the western culture since their climate is chill. Gym exercises makes the heart beat fast where as our traditional practices makes the heart beat slow or normal as required for our climatic conditions. For instance take our athletes who are worn out their knees by the time they reach 40 yrs of age.
Want to reduce the Gastric problems then eat Roti (wheat flour) which is hand crushed (grinded with mortar and pestle). It also reduces the weight, pains, good sleep, Blood Pressure etc.
Some main reason for our bad health is the changes in our kitchens. Now a day’s most of the kitchens are dark and less contacted with less sunlight. Most of us cook the food not contacted to sun light or air. It is because of the intro of Pressure cookers.
According to our geographical conditions (hot), Vatha is predominant. 75% ailments are based on vatha, 15% are Pitha and 10% are Kapha.
What is Vatha, Pitha and Kapha or so called as Tridosha?
Vatha dosha is formed when prana mixes with the elements air and space. Vata governs all movement. The qualities of Vatha are light, dry. airy, quick, and cold. Vatha people are very tall or little. They are thin and either tall or short. They have asymmetrical features. When Vatha people are out of balance this leads to fear and anxiety. This Vatha dosha is further classified into five and they are they are Prana Vatha, Udana Vatha, Samana Vahta, Apana Vatha and Vyana Vatha.

Pitha dosha is formed when Prana mixes with element Fire and Water. Pitha governs digestion, nutrition, metabolism and body temperature. The qualities of Pitha are hot, sour, pungent, sharp and acidic. Pitha people have strong digestion. When Pithas are in balance, they become intelligent, cerebral and sharp. When out of balance, they are hot and easily angered. Pittas tend toward rashes. They are of five types and they are Pachaka Pitha, Ranjaka Pitha, Alochaka Pitha, Sadhaka Pitha and Bharajaka Pitha.

Kapha dosha are formed when Prana mixes with element earth and water, which is the flesh body or the mucus body. Kapha is our bones, muscles, teeth and everything dense in our bodies. The qualities of Kapha are slow, steady, heavy, oily, and cold. When Kapha people are in balance, they love, nurturing and grounded. When out of balance, they are needy, melancholy and heavy in body and mind. Kapha are also of five types and they are Kledaka Kapha, Avalambhaka Kapha, Tarpaka Kapha Bodhaka Kapha and Shleshaka Kapha.

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