Andhra Spicy Dosakaya Avakaya Pickle | How to Make Cucumber Pickle Dosa Avakaya


The following recipe is about cucumber pickle. This is little different pickle form other seasonal pickles and it is easy to prepare. Cucumber has numerous benefits. Cucumber can be taken in any season. Cucumber can help in the reduction of cholesterol levels and keeps you hydrated in summers especially. Cucumber helps in fighting cancer and maintains healthy skin and healthy muscles and also in kidney health. Cucumber will help in the reduction of pains in joints and muscles too. People with diabetes can eat this to control it.

Ingredients to make the Dosakaya Avakaya Pickle:

4 Dosakaya (Cucumber)

3 tbsps mustard powder

4 tbsps red chilli powder

1 1/2 tbsp salt

4-5 tbsp of nuvvulu nune  (Til or sesame seed oil)

Spicy Dosakaya Avakaya Preparation Method:

So let us begin with cucumbers. Take cucumbers and wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt. Cut the cucumber into pieces or into slices.

Take a bowl and add chilli and some mustard powder and some salt. Add these cucumber pieces into the bowl and mix them thoroughly.

Add oil to this and mix thoroughly to coat the spice on the pieces well. Use little amounts of oil so that it helps only for coating the pieces instead of dripping. You can use 4 or 5 spoons.

Check the salt content in the pickle and ad more pieces if salt is more or add little salt if it is less. Once done, select a wide and deep jar which is free from dust and moisture.

Add these pickles into the jar and tighten the lid and store it in a dark and dry place for a night. Wait for 24 hours if you can.

Open the jar and then mix the pickle well so that all the ingredients are mixed well.

The spicy mouth watering Dosakaya Avakaya Pickle is ready and eat along with any type of food you like.

Select a clean and possibly wooden spatula to take the pickle and always keep the pickle away from moisture and water.

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