How to make Plain Sweet Bread Omelet | Simple Omelet with Bread Recipe.

Ingredient to make Bread Omelet :

5 Bread slices

5 Eggs

50 grams Sugar powder

Cooking soda a pinch

Omelet with Bread
Bread Omelet Preparation Method:

1) Cut each of the bread slices in to two or four pieces and keep aside.

2) Beat open the egg and take the content in a small bowl and add sugar and stir wll till it melts completely. Also add cooking soda, and stir well.

3) Heat oil in a pan.

4) Now dip the bread pieces in the egg mix twice or thrice and fry on both sides till it turns brown in colour.

5) Hot and Sweet bread omelette is ready.

6) Can server with tomato sauce or any other sauce. Kids Love this Bread Omelet Recipe very much

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