MOONBEAM FLOWER: Nandhi Vardhanamu / Nandhi Vattai / Nandibatlu / Chandini Flower / Nandyarvattam / Nandeevriksha or Vishnu Priya.
The Moonbeam flower is also known as Wax Flower and Crape jasmine in English. This flower has five- white petaled pinwheels that bloom in small clusters on the stem tips.
MoonBeam FlowerMedicinal Uses:
Take some Moon beam Flowers, cleaned leaves and Castor oil. First, warm the Castor oil and put the leaves and flowers in it and stay till it becomes golden in color and take the oil down from fire. Filter the oil in a clean new white cloth and pour it in a glass bottle. Apply the oil on the eye lids and massage it slowly with your fore finger when you go to bed daily. This cures many of the ailments related to eyes.
Collect two or three moon beam fresh flowers and crush them well in a mortar and pestle. Take the paste and apply it to some cotton and place it on the closed eye lid and stay for 10 to 15 minutes.
Take five leaves, little Coriander seeds, Cummin seeds and 5 to 10 pepper seeds. Heat one glass (100 ml) of water, put all the above said things in the water well till it becomes to 3/4th of the water. Consuming this Kashayam regularly reduces problems such as constipation, Blood Pressure, General weakness, stomach pain during the menstrual period.
Take leaves according to your requirement, make it paste and boil it well in the Castor oil or Sesame oil till it becomes like a thick substance. Apply the oil to the people who suffer with paralysis gives good result. This oil is also works good for Psoriasis problems.

Roots Uses :
Dried root powder or the bark of the root when chewed or applied or used as a tooth powder reduces Tooth ache, Paralysis, Arthralgia (joint pains). Root powder mixed with lime juice when applied or massaged on the eye lids (during bed time) removes opacities of the Cornea.
Corneal opacity occurs when the cornea becomes scarred. This stops light from passing through the cornea to the retina and may cause the cornea to appear white or clouded over.
Reduces tiredness of eyes or eye strain who spend more time is front of the computer. Just pressing the fresh flowers on the closed eyes is enough to make our eyes bright and clear.
The flowers and leaves of the moonbeam plant are an excellent wound healer and act as an insect repellent.
In a few bengali homes the paste of the leaves are made like small balls, sundried (not under direct sunlight) and consumed as pills. Some people also chew raw leaves in the morning.

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