Mango Jelly Kaju Sandesh Sweet Recipe

Ingredients to make Mango Jelly:

1 cup cashew nut paste

3 cups sugar

1 tbsp ghee

1 cup mango flesh

┬╝ cup water

2 tbsp dry fruits

Mango Jelly Kaju SandeshMango Jelly Kaju Preparation Method:

1) Combine together the cashew nut paste and 2 cups sugar in a bowl and keep it on a simmer flame. Keep on stirring the dish and boil.

2) Switch off the flame when the dish starts sticking to the spatula.

3) Take another bowl and grease some ghee and replace the cooked dish in to this bowl, keep aside.

4) Combine together one cup of sugar and water, cook on a simmer or lower medium flame but keep on stirring the water till it comes like a thick concentration.

5) Then add the mango flesh (beaten soft) and cook. Keep on stirring till it reaches like slime, switch off.

6) Spread the prepared mango mix on the cashew nut mix.

7) Sprinkle the dry fruit pieces over the spread.

8) Stay till everything gets cool.

9) Then cut into small pieces as you wish and serve.

10) You can store this in an airtight container or re-fridge. Should consume them within a week.

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