Anjeer Ice Cream | How to make Anjeer Ice Cream.


Ingredients to make Anjeer Ice Cream:

½ liter creamy Milk

½ liter butter less milk

1 tbsp mashed cream

7 AnjeerAnjeer Ice Cream

Anjeer Ice Cream Preparation Method:

1) In a bowl, nicely blend together the creamy milk (half of the above mentioned), butter less milk and mashed cream.

2) Take the remaining creamy milk and five anjeer fruits, blend them to a fine paste using a mixer, keep aside.

3) Cut the remaining two anjeer fruit into small pieces.

4) Now add the anjeer paste and the pieces in the prepared milk mix and mix well, so that the anjeer paste mixes with the milk completely.

5) Transfer the milk to a ice cube maker tray and place it in the deep freezer till it turns to hard ice cubes.

6) Then take the cubes and beat in a mixer till the cubes comes to semi liquid state.

7) Transfer the mix into a bowl and again keep in the fridge. This makes the ice cream softy.

8) Can serve when it comes like a hard paste.

9) You can add any fruit pieces like banana, pine apple, grapes etc, to add more taste.

The time needed to freeze the liquid to bar ice / cubes may vary between 6 hours and 22 hours depending on how cold your freezer is.
You can also freeze the milk content in a gel container .
Your freezer should be set to 0 F for making ice cream.

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