Health benefits Green and Red Chillis

Chilies are rich in  vitamin A, B6, C, iron, copper, potassium, cholesterol with small amount of protein and carbohydrates too. Also includes Phyto-nutrients like Carotene-ß, Carotene-α, Cryptoxanthin-ß, Lutein-zeaxanthin and no cholesterol.

Health benefits Green and Red ChillisChilies have always been known as a spicy ingredients that add spice to indian food. Without chilies, any indian food cuisine is incomplete. Both have distinct tastes and have more health benefits. Here’s a comparison between the two:

Green Chilli:

Green chilly is one among the spices that adds hot & spicy taste in any food preparation due to the presence of Capsaicin chemical compound. It is rich in vitamins A, C B6 and minerals such as iron, copper, potassium with small amount of protein and carbohydrates.

This spicy vegetable includes Phyto-nutrients like Carotene-ß, Carotene-α, Cryptoxanthin-ß and Lutein-zeaxanthin etc. It not only makes your mouth but also benefits both health and skin. Green chilies are more subtle in taste and are used as fresh spices in various food preparations. Let’s see the benefits of Green chilies to our health.

  1. Promotes digestion : Owing to the various fibers found in them, they help in better digestion. It also makes proper release of saliva for good digestion process.
  2. Vitamin A: Since vitamin A is one of the major nutrients in the green chili, it is good for improving vision, as well as vitalizes the immune system. Vitamin A also helpful in maintenance of bones, teeth, mucous membranes for a better growth in height for the childrens.
  3. Vitamin C – Plays a key role in the maintenance of bones, teeth and cartilage. It helps in opening up our nostrils (during cold & cough) and smoothing our respiratory system. It also helps in building a strong immunity against diseases and infections.
  4. Vitamin E: Chillies prevents dry skin. Due to the hot spicy taste, the skin glows naturally.
  5. Good for skin : Green chilies being rich in vitamin E, hence acts as an anti inflammatory medicine for skin related issues (psoriasis etc,), keeps away wrinkles thus slow downs the ageing process.
  6. Burning Calories : Helps to increases your metabolism by burning your calories that reduces fats and in result with weight loss.
  7. Diabetes: Helps to balance the blood sugar level. So Diabetes patient must add to their daily diet.
  8. Heart disease : Due to a considerable proportion of beta-carotene in green chilies the cardiovascular systems stays strong and the heart too stays healthy. Helps a lot in blocking the cholesterol content in body which in turn helps the heart to stay healthy.
  9. Arthritis – It is a good medicine for arthritis problems. It acts as a natural pain reliever that is potent enough to help treat conditions like osteoarthritis, dissolve blood clots.
  10. Cancer: Experts, eventhough it is not scientificially proven, has strong belief that Green Chillies are more beneficial for smokers, as they have the capacity to fight & keeps Lung Cancer in bay. Even reduces Lung Cancer, Prostate cancer which is very common in men.
  11. Mood development : Chillies release Endorphins into the brain, that in turn delights our mood more better. Capsaicin ingredient in a chili makes your sex life hotter as well.
  12. Taking normal level of spicy dishes prepared with green chilies during the summer season will result in cooling down your body by sweating process.




Red Chilli:

Red chilies are dried and then used in food preparation. It has a strong spicier or hotter than green chilies.

  1. Iron source – Red chilies contain a good proportion of iron which is very good for blood health. They also have a lot of vitamin c that helps the body in absorbing iron
  2. Burns calories – They produce heat in the body that directly burns down calories, just like heat generated due to exercise
  3. Relieves from congestion – In india red chilies are provided to a person for consumption when he is suffering from cold. It relieves congestion and helps in better respiration
  4. Reduces blockage in arteries – They are very powerful antioxidants that clear any blockages in the arteries or blood vessels.
  5. Vitamin A, the anti-infection vitamin is necessary for healthy mucous membranes, which line the lungs, nasal passages, urinary tract and intestinal tract. Thus, it serves as the body’s first line of protection against attacking pathogens.
  6. Vitamin C helps to treat Colds and Flu. Also vitamins like vitamin A, B protect against certain pathogens that is responsible for disease.

As like green chillies, red chillies also Fight Inflammation, Helps to Clear Congestion, prevents Cardiovascular diseases, clot of blood, reducing weight, protects from cancer,

NOTE: Both chilies have great benefits when consumed in a limited quantities is only good for health.

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