How to make Egg Pudding | Egg Pudding with Milk

Ingredients to make Egg Pudding:

Eggs – 4

100 gms Sugar

¼ liter Milk

Nutmeg – 1

2 pcs Vanilla essenceEgg Pudding

Egg Pudding Preparation Method:

1) Take together the eggs, milk, 4 tbsp of sugar in a bowl and beat well till the sugar melts completely (Caramelise properly).

2) Caramelise a steel bowl with 2 tsp of sugar

3) Pour this mixture into the caramelised bowl and keep in the cooker with 1/2 cup water

4) Pressure cook this mixture for 10 minutes and remove from the cooker after the pressure subsides.

5) Refrigerate and serve

Kids like this dish very much.

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