Chinese Garlic Brinjal Recipe


Ingredients to make Chinese Garlic Brinjal:

Ā½ kg Brinjal (EggPlant)

2 tbsp grated ginger

6 garlic cloves – sliced or beaten

4 tbsp pepper powder

8 tbsp rice powder

8 tbsp corn flour

2 tbsp or 3 green chilies – chopped

2 cups onion stems – chopped

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp sugar

6 tbsp refined Oil


Chinese Garlic Brinjal Preparation Method:

1) Cut all the brinjal to four pieces and soak in salted water for 10 or 15 minutes.

2) Take together the rice flour, corn flour, pepper powder, salt, soy sauce (1 tbsp) in a small bowl and mix well. Then add enough water to bring it like a paste.

3) Add the brinjal pieces and gently stir to coat well, keep it aside for 15 minutes.

4) Heat 4 tbsp of oil in a deep frying pan and fry the brinjal pieces partially in the pan, keep aside.

5) Heat the remaining refined oil in the same frying pan, add the grated ginger and fry.

6) When it turns slightly brown then adds one by one the garlic slices, onion stem pieces and fry,

7) Then add the sauce, salt and sugar with half cup of water, stir well to let the sugar melts completely, boil it.

8) After a bubble boil add the fried brinjal, stir well, close a lid and cook well until the water in the dish is completely drained.

9) Checks for season, if required add some salt.

10) Check for tenderness, switch off closing a lid.

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