Chicken Stick Bar Recipe, How to Make Chicken Stick Bar


Ingredients to make Chicken Stick Bar:

250 grams boneless chicken

50 grams green peas

100 grams potatoes

1 tsp garam masala

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

2 tsp chili powder

1 egg

Salt as required

Bamboo skewers or ice cream stick

Chicken Stick BarChicken Stick Bar Preparation Method :

1) Clean the chicken pieces and marinate with ginger garlic paste for 30 mins.

2) Combine together the marinated chicken, add ¼ cup water with the other ingredients except the egg, boil well and let it cool.

3) Then take the boiled chicken in to the mixer and beat well, but not so softy.

4) Prepare the chicken mix like small choc-bar shapes sticking an ice cream stick or Bamboo skewers in it as like a choc-bar. Bind the chicken mix well so that it may not spill down.

5) Beat the egg well in a bowl.

6) Heat (80 degrees) some oil for deep fry in a deep frying pan.

7) Now take the chicken stick bar and dip it in the egg and fry on all sides turning them occasionally till it is cooked tender.

8) Serve with tomato or green chili sauce.

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