Capsicum Potato Fry Recipe | Dry Aloo Capsicum Fry Recipe

So, you like potato’s? or your child is not consuming enough vegetables due to their taste? Don’t worry. You can make yummy recipes for your loved ones. So, here we are presenting you a healthy and a tasty recipe for capsicum potato fry.

Capsicum potato fry is a very simple recipe to cook, and is healthy to eat. It makes up as a good partner with rotis, rice and sambar/rasam.  In hindi language, it is very well known as Aloo Shimla Mirch Sabzi. The dish is influenced by North and Southern Indian cooking style.

Ingredients for Capsicum Potato Fry :

3 capsicums chop into bite sized pieces

2 large potatoes- peeled and cubed

1 tsp cumin seeds (jeelakara, jeera)

5-6 whole pepper corns, crushed coarsely

1 cardamom (elaichi, elakayyi)

1 cinnamon stick (dalchini, dalchina chekka)

1 clove (lavanga)

salt to taste

pinch of garam masala (optional)

12 leaves curry leaves

1 1/2 tbsp oil

Capsicum Potato Fry

How to make Capsicum Potato Fry Recipe:

1) Its very simple. Just heat the oil in a cooking vessel, then add cumin seeds into it. Let them splutter for some time. After some time, add various spices and curry leaves into it for making its taste more better.

2) Just let it fry for some seconds. Afterwards, add potatoes into it and salt and let them cook upon medium heat, on lid till it is half cooked. Now add capsicums and again cook the lid on medium heat, till the vegetables get completely cooked.

3) Add coarsely ground pepper powder and a pinch of garam masala into it and mix it well. Turn off the heat now.

4) Your yummy capsicum potato fry recipe is ready and now you can serve it with rotis, to your loved ones and its for sure, they are going to just love it.

Stay tuned for some more recipes.

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