Mango Bhakshyalu, Mango Stuffed Rava Roti, Bobatlu Sweet Recipe


Ingredients to make Bobatlu:

½ cup mango flesh

¼ cup coconut grate

¼ cup Bombay rava

½ cup sugar

½ cup rice flour

1 cup water

1 tbsp ghee

1 tbsp oil

¼ tsp salt

Mango Bhakshyalu-Bobatlu SweetMango Stuffed Rava Bobatlu Preparation Method :

1) Mash well the mango flesh.

2) Combine together the mashed mango flesh, sugar, grated coconut and Bombay rava and boil well, stirring at regular intervals.

3) If you feel the dish is sticking in the bottom, add the ghee and stir cook well till the water is completely drained, switch off.

4) Heat some water in a bowl till a bubble boil mixed with oil and salt,

5) Take the rice flour to a bowl, add the warm water in it, and mix well without any lumps formed. It should be like soft dough.

6) Then add the mango mix in the dough and once again blend the dough well.

7) Take the prepared mix into your hands and press a little between your palms and place some mango mix in the middle and fold like a round ball.

8) Flatten the balls like chappathi and roast on both side in the pan applying some ghee.

9) Mango Bhakshyalu is ready

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