Chinta Chiguru Pulihora | Chintha Aaku Pulihora Andhra Recipe


Ingredients Chintha Aaku Pulihora:

1 cup tamarind leaves (tender young leaves)

2 cups rice

1 tbsp Bengal grams

1 tbsp black grams

1 tbsp coriander seeds

4 red chillies

1 tbsp sesame seeds

2 tbsp refined oil

2 strings curry leaves

Salt as required

Chinta Chiguru Pulihora
Pulihora Preparation Method:

1) Clean the tamarind young tender leaves with cold water and let it drain completely without any wetness. You can also let it drain completely without wetness in the open air under sun.

2) Add some ½ tbsp of oil in a frying pan, sauté the leaves and keep aside.

3) Without oil fry one by one the sesame seeds, black grams, coriander seeds, Bengal grams and red chillies (crushed) and set it to cool.

4) When the fry becomes cool, put them in the mixer and crush them and then add the fried tamarind leaves and let it also crush well like a wet powder.

5) Meanwhile cook the rice and keep aside.

6) Now heat 1 tbsp of oil, put the crushed masala mix in the pan, fry for two minutes, add some salt and curry leaves, stir fry 15 seconds.

7) Now add the cooked rice, stir the rice well to get coated with the masala, switch off.

8) Close a lid on the rice.

9) Serve Chinta Chiguru Pulihora after 10 minutes.

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