Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Benefits of Kegel Exercises:
Kegel exercise, also known as pelvic floor exercise, is the repeated contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor, which is the muscular base of the abdomen connected to the pelvis. These simple exercises are proven to enhance the functioning of the pelvic organs, treating Male Urinary Incontinence like disorders of the bladder, lower intestines and also improve intense orgasms, and improve erections.
Both men and women can improve their sex life to a great extent by practicing Kegels.
Makes men to have stronger, long-lasting erections by controlling the fast ejaculation problem.
Keeps the hips and pelvic region healthy & strong.
Prevents the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.
Controls urinary incontinence by strengthen the urinary sphincter, which may result from surgery for prostate cancer, an overactive bladder, or a bladder that doesn’t contract
Strengthens the muscles below the bladder that help control urination

How to do kegel exercise for a betters sex life?
To start kegel exercises for a better and healthier sex life or strengthening the urinary sphincter (for better urination), follow these simple steps:
One can do this exercise in many ways. It can be done when sit straight on a chair, standing or lay down on a flat surface.
It is just as like you are controlling / stopping the urination half way or otherwise.
Relax and take a normal breath before starting the exercise.
Just concentrate on the nerve through which the urine comes out and slowly contract, flax the nerves / muscles of the testicles also.
When doing the contraction, the lower stomach and buttocks will also slightly contracts.
Hold for 5 counting’s and slowly relax.
Repeat the exercise for 3 to 5 sets per day initially and go on increasing the sets.
It is more important to stay focused sharply when exercising the pelvic floor muscles.
Note: When contracting and releasing the pelvic floor muscles, be careful and concentrated watching and revealing the difference of feelings happens in that part.
Repeat daily in the morning with empty stomach only. Or can do the exercise 4 hrs before a breakfast, or lunch or dinner.
Get into a regimen doing 10 to 20 kegel exercises three times a day, holding each one for 10 seconds.

For Women:
The Pelvic floor weakness occurs due to main factor such as Pregnancy and childbirth. Childbirth stretches and weakens pelvic floor muscles. And hence may cause urine control problems or makes one or more pelvic organs to sag. When the uterus sags, it’s called uterine prolapse.
Some other factors are due to the stress occurred during child birth, aging, and weight gain. The pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels. If the muscles are weak, these pelvic organs may lower into a woman’s vagina.

Uses of doing Kegel exercises for women:
Tones and strengthens the vaginal muscles that boost arousal
Causes a tighter grip during intercourse
Leads to more intense contractions during orgasm
How do kegel exercises improve sexual function in women?
Same as like explained above for men, women also should concentrate the urine exit nerves, muscles and contract them towards back and hold for 5 counting’s per set and start with 3 set in the morning and evening taking same precautions prescribed above. Also keep on increasing the set at regular intervals after a proper concentration achieved.

General Instructions:
Avoid sex for a week or two in the beginning
Do not do the exercise with a full stomach.
The proper time for the practice is before food or four hours after food.
During the first week start exercising with one set and the second week with 2 sets and increase accordingly
Men and women, who have undergone surgical operations such as vasectomy, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, etc., should wait for 3 months before starting Kegal. These exercises and family planning operations will not contradict one another in any way. Or please consult a doctor or an expert in these exercises.
Also should take proper suggestions from doctors for those who have heart-trouble, high blood pressure etc, or can start gently taking the breath very gently, without sucking force and pressure force.
Do not do this exercise during menstruation during 5 to 6 days.
Women should not take as forcefully as men do. There should be no excessive sucking force in inhalation or pressing force in exhalation.
It is advisable for pregnant women to take proper selected exercises, proper advice from an expert.
Both men and women should relax well, take long breath hold for as much as you can hold and relax. Repeat the inhalation for at least 4 or 5 times and then start.
The above material is only for a basic knowledge only. Before starting this exercise, do consult an expert in exercise or yoga.

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