Beef with Green Peppers

Beef-Green-PeppersHow to Prepare Beef with Green Peppers

  • 500 kg Steak Tips
  • 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce
  • 2 Teaspoon Cornstarch
  • 4 Green Peppers, Thinly Sliced
  • 4 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Preparation Method:

  1. Heat Olive Oil in a large frying pan and saute the Steak Tips until the beef turns brown on all sides and add Soy Sauce and Cornstarch and cook for 5 min.
  2. Add Thinly Sliced Green Peppers and salt as per your taste.
  3. Cook until peppers are tender, but crisp, for 10 minutes. This recipe tastes good with hot rice.

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