Andhra Special Gongura Pachadi | Gongura Chutney Recipe Andhra Style

Red sorrel leaves have many benefits. They are rich in essential nutrients and helps in good digestion and controlling the blood pressure. They help in improving the eye health and fights cancer. They improve immunity and also increase the blood circulation.

Ingredients to make Gongura Pachadi:

4 big bunches fresh gongura leaves (red sorrel)

7-8 whole dry red chillis

7-8 green chillis

1 tbsp minapppapu (black gram dal)

1 tbsp senaga pappu (bengal gram dal)

1 tbsp coriander seeds

12-15 cloves garlic (peeled and lightly crushed)

Salt to taste

Oil as required

2 whole dry red chillis

10 curry leaves

Andhra Gongura Pachadi

Gongura Pickle Preparation Method:

1) Gongura leaves are to be taken and washed thoroughly and separate the leaves and stalks. Let the Gongura leaves dry for two days so that they become withered. After drying two days collect the leaves and wash them again with water and then keep them aside. Take a pan and add some oil to it. Select a deep pan and heat the oil.

2) Now take the leaves and fry them in this pan. Turn off the flame and cool it. Take some menthe seeds and fry them in the same pan till they become brown. Now add some coriander seeds and minapppapu to it.

3) Add senaga pappu and dried red chillies and fry them till they become brown in color. Take some green chillies and cut them into long slices. Add all these pieces to the ingredients and grind all the ingredients in a mixer and keep them aside.

4) Now take garlic cloves and add fried leaves to the previously grinded chilly mixture and grind them coarsely. Add some oil to this powder to make it as a paste and wait.

5) You can store this pickle in a refrigerator for three or four days and eat with hot rice. You can add ghee and onion in this to get an amazing taste.

6) The stems must be removed properly or they will be spoiling the taste.

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