Anapakaya Ava Pettina Kura | Sorakaya Ava Pettina Kura

Ingredients for Anapakaya Ava Pettina Kura:

  • Anapakaya (Bottle Guard)
  • Chintapandu (Tamarind)
  • Salt
  • Pasupu (Turmeric)
  • Senaga Pappu (Bengal gram dal).
  • Minapa pappu (Black gram dal)
  • Jeelakarra (Cumin seeds)
  • Aavalu (Mustard seeds)
  • Jeedipappu (Cashew)
  • Mirapakaya (Red Chilli)
  • Pachi Mirapakaya (Green Chilli)
  • Oil
  • Nuvvulu (Sesame seeds)

Anapakaya Ava Pettina KuraPreparation Method:

  1. First minimize Anapakaya (Bottle Guard) in to small items, add Chintapandu (Tamarind), Pasupu (Turmeric),salt and boil it for H min.
    Lit the fuel range put a tava and warmth it barely, pour some oil, when the oil is heated put Senaga Pappu (Bengal gram dal), Minapa pappu (Black gram dal), Jeelakarra (Cumin seeds),Aavalu (Mustard seeds), Jeedipappu (Cashew) and fry them until until brown colour comes, now put purple chilli and inexperienced chilli and fry this additionally.
  2. Now put already fried Anapakaya (Bottle Guard) within the pan and put little Pasupu (Turmeric) and salt in your style and fry for two min, change of the fuel and let it cool it.
  3. Now put Aavalu (Mustard seeds), Nuvvulu (Sesame seeds), Red chilli in a mixer Grinder & grind nicely until they turns into powder.
  4. Put the powder combine within the pan and blend nicely.
    The dish is able to serve.


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